I did not forget you!

Good afternoon! I hope you’ve not thought that I forgot you! I was just very, very, VERY busy. We are writing so much exams now and I have do to a lot of presentations AND we have barely Internet. This is the reason why the street gets digged up. And I am in a crisis. Last week was a Native American , not an Indian, just somebody who was born there, in our school to introduce the American way of life to us in a free presentation. This was sponsored by an organisation which places Au pair in American families. Maybe you remember that I always wanted to visit the US! My post about the trip of my cousin to the USA.
I have already read some of the experience reports by other au pairs. I do not know what to do. Luckily I have some time left to decide if I should do it… Well Pro are that I can spend one year in the USA for just a bit money and I even earn some money and have one month to travel around the USA! I really enjoyed my time alone in England and hope this would like it. Besides that I would have one more year to think about my future and I would improve my English! Moreover I would meet new people from all around the world although this is one con point because it is very difficult for me to find new friends. Aside from that I have to leave my family and my grandmother, about who I am afraid, I do not want her to die while I am away. Furthermore I am afraid I do not understand them and they do not understand me! The biggest point is that I do not want to leave my cat because I am afraid that the forgets me and does not like me anymore when I am back… But my mum really likes the idea. But I am uncertain about what I should do…


P.S. Just found an interesting blog about beeing Au Pair in the USA while I was searching for an image;)




just a short post about my favorite songs this time.
My 8 favorite songs: 8. Astronaut – Sido feat. Andreas Bourani Although Sido was a really gross
rapper he changed and makes now pretty great songs and I love
Andreas Bourani’s voice!
7. Hello – Adele To be honest I never really liked her songs because they
sound all so sad and I prefer happily songs.
6. Locked Away – RCity feat Adam Levine I like Maroon 5 and Levine and
this song is a mix between happy and sad.
5. Renegade – XAmbassadors Just a big earwig!
4. Uma Thurman – Fall out boy
3. Wild and free – Lena Got to know it because of the movie Fack ju Göthe
2 and Lena’ s songs are great (just say Traffic Lights)
2. Stitches – Shawn Mendes But all songs by Mendes are great! Especially
Something big and Air.
1. Drag me down – 1D It is a encouraging song, which I cannot forgot.

31st October Special

Yes you are right, today is Reformation Day, when Luther nailed the thesis on the wall of the church in Wittenberg. This was the start of the Evangelic Reformed Church. Well you maybe guessed it I am a Protestant. Often the people forget that it is today because of Halloween and do not get my wrong, I really love Halloween! I just curved a great pumpkin, I really like it. But it is often really boring in here… Almost nobody rangs the door and I stayed at home but trick ‘r treating is really boring here and Partys did not take place either. I stayed at home the whole day but did a bit Halloween stuff, I ate a really tasty Halloween pastry, looked for sweets for children who rang. Then I went running and looked for my Halloween ring and earring, found them and watched John Carpenter’s Halloween .After that I cooked Pumpkin stew with Chicken and Chorizo. It was really good! Well after that – very Halloween unlikely – I watched Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt. It is a show about the 2  German presenters Joko Winterscheidt und Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who assign themselves tasks, who are either yukky, scary or crazy. An example: Joko wanted Klaas to dance with the prisoners in the Phillipines. Klaas dances or they meet and have to wrestle Joko and Klaas wrestling.
After that I watched The silence of the lamp. That was my Halloween.

John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978)

The horror movie Halloween by regisseur John Carpenter is about Laurie Strode, who shall babysit Thommy Doyle, a friend of her, Annie Brackett shall babysit in the opposite house of the Doyle’s so they agree on meeting while they are babysitting. But Laurie feels haunted. In the meantime one get to know that Michael Myers just broke out of the jail where he were supposed to spent his life because he killed his sister when he was 6. His doctor Mr. Loomis is sure that he will kill again. One proof for this is the missing thombstone of his sister Judith. And so it is, when Laurie and Annie babysit, Annie brings Lindsey Wallace, who she babysitted to Laurie because she wants to meet her boyfriend Paul. But will she ever meet him because Tommy sees the Black Man lurking around the Wallace’ house?

All in all the the movie is – in my opinion – a bit boring except of the last 15 minutes. Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) is convincing. Laurie’s friends are a bit weird and the fact that killing Michael Meyers is so difficult is strange. I think the movie is not really scary and except that Laurie and Tommy carve a pumpkin it has nothing to do with Halloween.

However one should watch it because it is a classicer and like I said the last 15 minutes are really exciting!
Stars: 3.5 of 5