Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon

Good morning, guys.

Although I looked forward to the ESC so badly it was horrible. I already started feeling bad for sitting in my room for an hour when the ESC started. The whole time I was anxious that the boys come in my room and want to do something together. But they didn’t. The ESC Pre Show was okay. Who the heck is Mike Singer? And why do the girls seem to love him? He seems like a jerk. And what is Lotte singing? I did not know half of the German jury! Ugh. Honestly, I was so into making my card that I barely remember it.
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Today is the day

I have no idea why I am so obsessed about the ESC this year. I mean I planned all my trips on the weekends before or after but I really wanted this weekend to be free. Okay, I think i know why the ESC means so much to me this year. It is my piece of Europe away from home. In a little bit more than 2 hours I am going to watch the livestream of the German Pre-ESC show and I am so scared that I will cry during the contest because I always watch it at home and this year I am at my other home and I have to watch it alone. I know, I always like watching it alone but I would love to introduce my host family to it but I am afraid they would see it as a waste of time.

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Almost time

Guys, less than 24 hours until the ESC starts and in 24 hours it already over. I almost cried today thinking about me being in the US instead of watching it at home in Germany. AAAAAAAND do you know what? The bookmakers see Germany now on place 4. Personally, I do not think the song is that good but fine. Germany deserves to be better than the last quarter all the time!

Luckily it is supossed to rain tomorrow so I do not have to feel bad to spend my day inside.

My youngest host kid did two cute things today. First he told me I am the best Au Pair and then he asked me if I stay for a second year and when I said I don’t know he said I should. Ohhhhh.

ESC 2018 – Throwback 8

Now 2016.

My favorite song is definetly Poli Genova with If love was a crime for Bulgaria. As you see, I do not have a favorite country, I just like the song regardless which country it is representing! (Btw I like it better when she is singing it live).

The song is pop and danceable and catchy even though it seems like every other pop song. My favorite part is the bridge. Poli seems to have so much fun and I love the unique surprising twist by involving the Bulgarian language in the chorus.