ESC 2018 – Throwback 9

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ESC 2018 – Throwback 8

Now 2016.

My favorite song is definetly Poli Genova with If love was a crime for Bulgaria. As you see, I do not have a favorite country, I just like the song regardless which country it is representing! (Btw I like it better when she is singing it live).

The song is pop and danceable and catchy even though it seems like every other pop song. My favorite part is the bridge. Poli seems to have so much fun and I love the unique surprising twist by involving the Bulgarian language in the chorus.

ESC 2018 – Throwback 5

Last one for today, I promise.

2013 was a good year too, maybe even the best, despite what I said on my earlier post, it was hard to pick just one song that year. So I just rewatched all of my favorites from 2013 and while watching You by Robin Stjernberg from Sweden I realised I am going to cry on Saturday because I miss Europe and my usuall daily routine on the ESC day. Right now I still have no clue which song to pick. You know I have trouble making decisions.

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