It is fall although it felt like Winter last week because IT SNOWED IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER! Usually it snows the first time in the last November days or in December. The biggest surprise that it snowed really heavily. Many trees broke because of the weight of the snow. I do not like snow so much except when I am at home and do not have to leave the house but I had to go to school but the way TO school was no problem but the way back home was difficult. I had to wait one and a half hours for the train! My parents were not able to pick me up because the had – like (almost) everyone – summer tires. That was bad.
Actually I love fall it is my favorite season, everything is so colorful and it is not too hot nor too cold. It gets dark sooner and one feels happy to be at home again. I really like to lay before my window, watch the stars and hear to the radio.
Spring is cool too. After the winter I really enjoy watching the plants growing and blossom. The temperatures are getting higher and the sun comes back again.
Summer and Winter are both great but I like fall and spring more. In Summer it is often too hot and I do not like going outside and this makes me feel guilty because I do not make the most out of the good weather… But I like it sunny and when it is not so hot and try to be outside as often as possible. Winter is often so cold I do not enjoy beeing outside and when snow lies it is often muddy. But the good thing is I do not feel bad when I am staying inside. 🙂
My favorite months are June (because summer just starts and the sun begins to shine more), October (like I said I like Fall and October is for me the typical Fall) and December (I like to stay inside, drink tea and have it cozy and Christmas!).

What’s about you?


The host (2013)

A review about the movie The host with Sairsore Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel and Diane Kruger.

The movie is based on the same called book by Stephenie Meyer. Yeah she wrote the Twilight Saga and to be honest I was addicted to it not such a long time ago.

I have read the books before – fortunately – and the plot is almost the same, some things, sometimes just details are different. Later more about that.
The movie is about the alien Wanderer (Saisore Ronan) who got implamentated into the body of Melanie. Usually the aliens take over the body and the human vanishes but this time Melanie fights against Wanderer’s control and wants to return to her family. The aliens are a very peaceful and nice species and hate violence. They have already conquered a lot of planets.
Melanie can distract Wanderer at a drive through the dessert and suddenly are at that place where Melanie thinks her uncle Jeb has a secret escape. There she hopes to find her boyfriend Jared (Max Irons) and her brother Jamie (Chandler Canterburry). They actually find Jeb (William Hurt). He is really interested in Wanderer and her stories other than the other humans in the cave, where they are hiding. Some of them even want to kill her (e.g. Ian portrayed by Jake Abel). Jared is really angry but insecure, only Jamie wants her alife. When Jamie and Jeb get to know that Melanie still lives, can they convince Jared not to kill her and what is about Wanderer and Melanie when another human falls in love with Wanderer, an alien?

The landscape looks really great and of course is it difficult to make a film about a book with approx 1000 pages. First to the details who are different:

Book                                                                            movie
the seekers have black clothes,…                   the seeker have white ones

Wanderer is recommended to get              Wanderer is locked away and
another body after she attacked                 flees
the seeker (Diane Kruger)

Wanderer decides it HERSELF to          Melanie distracts Wanda and
search for Jamie and Jared                    crashes the car so they can not
leave the dessert anymore

Jamie meets Wanda after a few days     He meets her when she first
arrives in the caves

Aaron and Brandt are alive                    Aaron and Brandt die

Wes is one of the best friends of           One sees him in just one scene
Wanderer and they make a lot

… (I do not wanna tell too much if you wanna watch it)

The movie is really bad because if you have not read the book you do not understand how that worked with the aliens. And there is a much bigger conflict for Wanderer if she wants to support the humans or her species.
Saisore Ronan is a great actress but in this movie she seems very cold although Wanderer is a very peaceful and altruistic character, who just wants the best for the people she loves, she would even die for them. Max Irons is really good because one is really convinced that he suffers because of the loss of Melanie.
So all in all the movie is bad you should rather read the book!

The host Trailer

Happy 3rd of October! – 25th anniversary

A little bit about the history of Germany in the time after WWII.

Good morning!
My plans for today: After school I collected my glasses and we drove to my grandmother. I am really looking forward to go to the fest in Frankfurt! Even one of my acquaintance makes a trip with her class to Frankfurt because of the Einigkeitsfest. The light show at 9pm is said to be awesome. My grandmother does not wanna come with us. I will let myself surprise. It is unbelievable for me that Germany was spilt in 2 parts once.2000px-Deutschland_Besatzungszonen_8_Jun_1947_-_22_Apr_1949.svg
After WWII the winners (USA, Soviet Union, France and GB) were divided over their political interests USA, France and GB founded the Bundesrepublik Deutschland (BRD) and the Soviet Union the Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR). The BRD orientated itself to the West, that means with the help of the USA by the currency reform and the Marshall plan got the living standards higher in the BRD.

The system of government of the DDR became socialism. The party who decided for the country in the interests of the Soviet Union was called SED. To secure that they keep the power, the founded the Staatssicherheit (Stasi). Its tasks were to chase and suppress political opponents. The DDR got all public ground and introduced the FĂŒnfjahresplan, which regulated the distribution and the production of food for 5 years and the Planwirtschaft, which should prevent a gap between poor and rich. The FĂŒnfjahresplan did not work out so the work got harder but for less money. This caused demonstration for a new government, which were terminated by the Soviet Union.

The USA wanted to thwart the communism which was spread by the Soviet Union. Not only this aspect but also the Alleinvertretungsanspruch, which said that the BRD is the political power of both countries, with that the BRD did not accept the DDR under international law. They were tributary to two totally different countries with different goals. Although Stalin suggest that BRD and DDR could be united again the BRD declared this offer because it was afraid to get a socialistic system of government, too. Because of their differences and to prevent that more people move to the BRD because of the higher living standards there the DDR builded the Wall at the 13th of August 1961. And it got very difficult to leave the DDR.

The new Federal Chancellor Willy Brandt tried to approximate to the DDR.Willy Brandt, Bundeskanzler zwischen 1969-1974
He did not want that the contact between the citizens of each countries break.More and more other countries accepted the DDR and the BRD was resolute to act. They both accepted each other through the Grundlagenvertrag. It accepted the borders and the policy for a peaceful cohabitation were generally agreed. The goal of the BRD was one united nation with the DDR. In 1973 DDR and BRD became part of the United Nations.
The general of secretary of the DDR Erich Hoenecker was concerned that the much visitors weaken the cohesion of the DDR and he wanted to isolate the DDR so they tried to ban the word Deutsch (German) from everything which was official and expanded the Stasi.

At the communal vote 1989 the citizens were able to vote for candidates of just one party. Everyone who wanted to use a polling both were suspected to be a political opponent. This was the time when the people protested about the vote fixing and the whole system. Hoencker had to step down but the even the new government was not able to stop the Montagsdemonstrationen (protests every monday).  So the borders got opened and the Wall fell on November 9 1989.

The basic things were set and the winner of the WWII had to agree on the unification of BRD and DDR. So France, USA, GB and after long negotiations even the Soviet Union and also DDR and BRD signed the Zwei-plus-Vier-Vertrag. The Einigungsvertrag allowed the unification of BRD and DDR on October 3 1990. Because of this we celebrate like the Americans the 4th of July on October 3 our Tag der Deutschen Einheit.

If you wonder what was the national holiday before (like me) it was the 7th October (the founding of the state after WWII) in the DDR and the 17th June in the BRD to remember the demonstration in the DDR 1953. In the National socialism was it the 1st May (Day of work) because Hitler decreased the number of unemployed a lot. Before that in the Weimarer Republik was it August 11 because on this day was the constitution signed. (1919)

So for all have a nice saturday und fĂŒr alle Deutschen: einen schönen Einheitstag und ein schönes Fest (egal wo Berlin, Frankfurt,…)! 😉



Just about my new accessoire

Hi guys, I am back again!

So I am a part of the glasses community now. Yeah right, I got glasses. I was at the oculist last week because for my driver’s license I need a voucher that I can see the traffic, now with glasses:(. I never wanted glasses, my sister has some and I tried them on and looked so hilarious. After the oculist said I need glasses my mum hauled my to the optician and I picked five different models and had time to think about it over the weekend and on monday I picked a brown-blue model. It looks okay… But I realized I need some because I can barely see the board. Soo let’s see how I can handle living with glasses;)


A shortcut about my week (exams, shopping) and what I am doing at the weekend!

What’s up?
I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo busy with school! This week I wrote the first exams: German and music. German was actually pretty good. We wrote 3 hours about the Jungfrau von Orleans by Schiller. We had to analyze a monologue. I finished it just in time. And music, let’s talk about something different!
The worst: I will write 4 exams next week!
Today was technically a good day: Okay I missed the train and came an hour too late but I talked with my seatmate, she is very nice! And with my former classmates. I do not know what has happened… And I walked together with Jana to the train station and we even talked!!!
Okay I had much homework but who cares? I ordered a movie, the new Cinderella one and two books: All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr and The host by Stephenie Meyer (I love this book, I have read that a thousand times in German and want to read it now in English;)) at Amazon. Moreover I found a lot of books I would like to read, I just have to earn much money. I am really excited. It allegedly arrives at tuesday.
What are you doing at the weekend?

Germany celebrates Tag der deutschen Einheit at saturday with a big festival in Frankfurt and my family and I plan to go there because we have relatives there, where we can stay. I am really looking forward to that.
Good night (Europe)!