Me, again

And hi there, a third time.
I just wanted to inform you my cat is back.
I am still bored although I just found out that the song “Nehmt Abschied Brüder”, which I learned at school, is the English song “Old lang syne”, which is a New Year’s Eve song. Why I write about it? Lea Michele sang the song at the end of New Year’s Eve and I was sure that I know the melody and even remembered the lines: “Die Zukunft liegt in Finsternis und macht das Herz uns schwer” and I googled it and bam there it was. Bam. Okay, I do not know what else I can write. By the way, we do not have firework this year. I hate New Year’s Eve, my sis is not there, my mum wants to go to bed after midnight asap and my dad says he only does it for us but I think he just do not want to be the only one who watches it… Yup. So again, Happy New Year, especially for Greece, Egypt and all other countries in this time zone.
We are next guys. I think I am going to my parents now and I am hungry, who wants to start in a new year hungry? Oh I hear now Hong Kong sang Old lang syne when they welcomed 2017.
CU next year!



Hello, it’s me…

Hi, it’s me, again. I know you are probably thinking: What does she want, she wasn’t able to write for a year and now twice a day?
Yeah, you are right. It is just very, very boring and I feel very lonely so I thought why not write again?
Currently I watch New Year’s Eve and I feel (like every year) lonely. My sister left for the party, my dad and I had a fight at dinner, like every year. We always fight on New Year’s Eve and then on midnight everyone pretends that everything is alright and how much one loves each other and especially my dad tells us every year we should stay how we are. That is so insincere. I hate it.
Moreover I am worried that my cat does not come back before midnight, she has done it before on her first New Year’s Eve because she was so scared. Usually we do not let her go outside but she does not want to use the cat toilet, she only does her business outside and we can’t stand her wandering around and crying terribly. I thought she has almost 3 hours left to come back and it is very cold so she comes back after an hour but she is still not here. I hope she comes back in time.
The movie is almost over and I do not have the slightest idea what to do afterwards. It is going to be very boring. I do not want to celebrate with my parents especially not with my dad. I know, I know that’s wrong but it is like this every year and he is never NEVER able to apologize. You are probably saying: Becca, the wiser head gives in. I know that you are right but it is always the same and I have had enough. Well, it is likely that I will give in a few minutes before midnight so I am just now very furious.
I AM SO BORED. Even if my dad and I would not have had that fight I would not like be with him right now because he and my mum are watching an odd music show about old songs (and with old I mean they are so old even my mum does not know a lot of them!)

I hope you have a nice day/night/evening and please ignore me I am just furious and very bored.
Guten Rutsch and happy new year!


The true New Year’s Eve

Ok guys, I was wrong, New Year’s Eve was completely different!

After I posted New Year’s Eve I went upstairs to my room to watch the New Year’s Celebration in Sydney, it was amazing, especially the gold rain from the Harbour Bridge! Unfortunately the webcams did not work and it aired on no German TV channel so I zapped around and foIMG_1252[1].jpgund BBC World News, Euro news and Sky news – fortunately! Then I tried to watch a New Year’s Celebration somewhere in the world at the full hour, I published the pictures in my Gallery, they are in a bad quality because I took the pictures with my iPod. Well I sat there, the whole day, and watched TV. My mum came back from work because we had a fight because I reminded her that my sister is a vegetarian but we had nothing to eat for her for dinner. Moreover, she said she does not wanna go to church because she has still so much to do so we stayed at home and I was soo bored and because of our fight I did not wanna help her (very

Ryan (Lucas Grabeel) and Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale)

childish, I know). We started eating at 7pm and were finished at 9pm. And that means for me? You are right I did not  watch New Year’s Eve but HSM 1 + 2. Everyone was on his / her own.  We got to know that in Munich was a terror threat. Well it is kinda difficult to realise that there could be suicide bombers that near… Fortunately nothing happend thanks to the French intelligence agency!
My mum went to bed at 11pm and my sister, my dad and I started watching James Cameron’s Avatar and stopped it 10 minutes before 12. We got our champagne and went outside to fire our only firework. It was okay. The sight was terrible because of the fog. We went back inside where Frau Schröder woke up my mum because she miaowed really loud. Mum just wished us a happy new year and got back to bed while I cuddled with my cat and we continued watching Avatar. I excused myself  5 minutes before 1 so I could watch the Celebration in London. A short time after I came back I fell asleep. I went to bed at 3 am after I watched the New Year’s Celebration in Rio.
THE REALLY REALLY BAD THING IS THAT I OVERSLEPT THE CELEBRATION IN NYC ALTHOUGH I SET FOUR ALARM CLOCKS!!! Damn it! I try it next year again. I got up at 9am and watched Cinderella. After that I made breakfast and at 12 pm my dad and my sister got up aswell. I hope your New Year’s Eve was awesome, I still hate it!

31st October Special

Yes you are right, today is Reformation Day, when Luther nailed the thesis on the wall of the church in Wittenberg. This was the start of the Evangelic Reformed Church. Well you maybe guessed it I am a Protestant. Often the people forget that it is today because of Halloween and do not get my wrong, I really love Halloween! I just curved a great pumpkin, I really like it. But it is often really boring in here… Almost nobody rangs the door and I stayed at home but trick ‘r treating is really boring here and Partys did not take place either. I stayed at home the whole day but did a bit Halloween stuff, I ate a really tasty Halloween pastry, looked for sweets for children who rang. Then I went running and looked for my Halloween ring and earring, found them and watched John Carpenter’s Halloween .After that I cooked Pumpkin stew with Chicken and Chorizo. It was really good! Well after that – very Halloween unlikely – I watched Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt. It is a show about the 2  German presenters Joko Winterscheidt und Klaas Heufer-Umlauf, who assign themselves tasks, who are either yukky, scary or crazy. An example: Joko wanted Klaas to dance with the prisoners in the Phillipines. Klaas dances or they meet and have to wrestle Joko and Klaas wrestling.
After that I watched The silence of the lamp. That was my Halloween.

John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978)

The horror movie Halloween by regisseur John Carpenter is about Laurie Strode, who shall babysit Thommy Doyle, a friend of her, Annie Brackett shall babysit in the opposite house of the Doyle’s so they agree on meeting while they are babysitting. But Laurie feels haunted. In the meantime one get to know that Michael Myers just broke out of the jail where he were supposed to spent his life because he killed his sister when he was 6. His doctor Mr. Loomis is sure that he will kill again. One proof for this is the missing thombstone of his sister Judith. And so it is, when Laurie and Annie babysit, Annie brings Lindsey Wallace, who she babysitted to Laurie because she wants to meet her boyfriend Paul. But will she ever meet him because Tommy sees the Black Man lurking around the Wallace’ house?

All in all the the movie is – in my opinion – a bit boring except of the last 15 minutes. Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) is convincing. Laurie’s friends are a bit weird and the fact that killing Michael Meyers is so difficult is strange. I think the movie is not really scary and except that Laurie and Tommy carve a pumpkin it has nothing to do with Halloween.

However one should watch it because it is a classicer and like I said the last 15 minutes are really exciting!
Stars: 3.5 of 5

The host (2013)

A review about the movie The host with Sairsore Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel and Diane Kruger.

The movie is based on the same called book by Stephenie Meyer. Yeah she wrote the Twilight Saga and to be honest I was addicted to it not such a long time ago.

I have read the books before – fortunately – and the plot is almost the same, some things, sometimes just details are different. Later more about that.
The movie is about the alien Wanderer (Saisore Ronan) who got implamentated into the body of Melanie. Usually the aliens take over the body and the human vanishes but this time Melanie fights against Wanderer’s control and wants to return to her family. The aliens are a very peaceful and nice species and hate violence. They have already conquered a lot of planets.
Melanie can distract Wanderer at a drive through the dessert and suddenly are at that place where Melanie thinks her uncle Jeb has a secret escape. There she hopes to find her boyfriend Jared (Max Irons) and her brother Jamie (Chandler Canterburry). They actually find Jeb (William Hurt). He is really interested in Wanderer and her stories other than the other humans in the cave, where they are hiding. Some of them even want to kill her (e.g. Ian portrayed by Jake Abel). Jared is really angry but insecure, only Jamie wants her alife. When Jamie and Jeb get to know that Melanie still lives, can they convince Jared not to kill her and what is about Wanderer and Melanie when another human falls in love with Wanderer, an alien?

The landscape looks really great and of course is it difficult to make a film about a book with approx 1000 pages. First to the details who are different:

Book                                                                            movie
the seekers have black clothes,…                   the seeker have white ones

Wanderer is recommended to get              Wanderer is locked away and
another body after she attacked                 flees
the seeker (Diane Kruger)

Wanderer decides it HERSELF to          Melanie distracts Wanda and
search for Jamie and Jared                    crashes the car so they can not
leave the dessert anymore

Jamie meets Wanda after a few days     He meets her when she first
arrives in the caves

Aaron and Brandt are alive                    Aaron and Brandt die

Wes is one of the best friends of           One sees him in just one scene
Wanderer and they make a lot

… (I do not wanna tell too much if you wanna watch it)

The movie is really bad because if you have not read the book you do not understand how that worked with the aliens. And there is a much bigger conflict for Wanderer if she wants to support the humans or her species.
Saisore Ronan is a great actress but in this movie she seems very cold although Wanderer is a very peaceful and altruistic character, who just wants the best for the people she loves, she would even die for them. Max Irons is really good because one is really convinced that he suffers because of the loss of Melanie.
So all in all the movie is bad you should rather read the book!

The host Trailer

Pet Semantary (1989)

The movie is based on the same called book by Stephen King (because of this we watched it, no I did not read it but my father has it).
It is about Dr. Louis Creed, who moves with his wife Rachel and his children Gage and Ellie to a house right next to a highway and near to a pet cemetery in Ludlow. When his wife and his children spent their weekend at their grandparents, he has to watch after their cat Church. When Church, the beloved cat of his daughter, gets overruned by a truck. Louis new friend and neighbor Jud Crandall shows him a an old Indian place, where Louis should bury the cat instead of on the pet semantary/cemetery. Louis does what Jud says and the next day Church is alive again although he is a bit more aggressive and bloodthirsty. After Gage got killed by a truck a short time later, Louis buries him at the Indian place too although Jud says he should not do it. Louis does not want to hear what Jud said. So he digs Gage out and buries him there. As soon as Gage returns he kills Jud and his mother, who returned from her parents to look after Louis. When Louis sees what Gage died he poisons him. He thinks that Gage just got crazy because he was already too long dead when he buried him at the Indian place so he takes his dead wife immediately and buries her there. She returns but is she still the same? Ok guys this is almost the whole movie. There is no big excitement. The movie was over really fast but almost nothing happened. The story is okay but the implementing is really bad. The actors are okay, Fred Gwynne is the best. It looks funny when Gage kills someone.
To sum up, the film is a bit boring, but it is a must-see for classic movie fans and if one want to laugh. It was not scary.