Today is the day

I have no idea why I am so obsessed about the ESC this year. I mean I planned all my trips on the weekends before or after but I really wanted this weekend to be free. Okay, I think i know why the ESC means so much to me this year. It is my piece of Europe away from home. In a little bit more than 2 hours I am going to watch the livestream of the German Pre-ESC show and I am so scared that I will cry during the contest because I always watch it at home and this year I am at my other home and I have to watch it alone. I know, I always like watching it alone but I would love to introduce my host family to it but I am afraid they would see it as a waste of time.

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ESC 2018 – Throwback 5

Last one for today, I promise.

2013 was a good year too, maybe even the best, despite what I said on my earlier post, it was hard to pick just one song that year. So I just rewatched all of my favorites from 2013 and while watching You by Robin Stjernberg from Sweden I realised I am going to cry on Saturday because I miss Europe and my usuall daily routine on the ESC day. Right now I still have no clue which song to pick. You know I have trouble making decisions.

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ESC 2018 – Throwback 1

On occasion of the ESC on saturday I want to post a throwback post about one of my favorite ESC of the last 10 years (that are the ones I can remember to have seen) everyday.

Because I already missed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday to give it to you later.

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Decisions, decisions

Reading my title, I have to think of the blue bunny ads thanks to watching too much Chasing life (which takes place in Boston!!!) on freeform!

What I actually wanted to tell you is I am in the US for almost seven months now that means I get the email from Au Pair in America concerning my potential extension this month.
I am quite sure I have told you before how hard it is for me to make up my mind… I have thought about extending even before I arrived, almost every day.

Before I came here I was quite sure I would extend.

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