New Year’s Eve

Good morning! I hope you all had wonderful christmas! I really do not like New Year’s Eve! It is always the same. I do not know what to do the whole day. I try to recall the year and write down my wishes, high- and lowlights. Then I watch a movie I saw this year the first time and liked it the most. After that my mum, grandma and I go to church. It is pretty cool, the best sermon of the year is on New Year’s Eve. In former times I made New Year Cards for my parents, my sister and my grandmother. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions? I do not have any. My resolution was every year to start putting my hands up in school but I never have so I do not make it. Well once I wanted to lose weight and it worked but like I told you already I gained it again. After church we start preparing dinner ( it was Raclette last year – very popular in Germany on New Year’s Eve as well as this year’s dinner Fondue. My mum eats cheese Fondue and the rest of us normal Fondue that means hot pot. We have beef, pork and chicken. I love chicken!   I do not know what my sister’s gonna eat, I mean she does not eat cheese and is a Vegetarian since sunday.) This year’s gonna be different than always because my mum works now and has to work tomorrow morning so she has to get up at 4am. Usually we eat dinner, play games like Monopoly, Mensch ärger dich nicht (Ludo), eat chips and my grandma comes over half an hour before midnight, then we do lead pouring, for which one needs a lot of fantasy which I do not have, my dad fires the fireworks and then we watch a movie, I do not know why but often it is From Paris with Love with John Travolta or Mission Impossible IV, I probably remember it better than the other ones because I write it down but this year I do not know how it is (I tell you later). I know that my mum goes to bed before midnight probably ’round 11pm. She is sure that the fireworks won’t wake her up but I bet they will.
The reason why I hate New Year’s Eve is that my parents say at midnight, you are great, stay the way you are but on the other 364/365 days in the year they critize me and everyone to change. I hate it! Moreover it is really sad that another year is over. Furthermore Frau Schröder is always really scared, last year she wanted to go outside at 4pm and I thought she would be back before 12am, before the fireworks start, but she did not come home although I called her. She was really scared of the fireworks and came back not until January 2. And the last point is that everyone has fun on parties but I have to stay at home. This year’s New Year’s Eve is gonna be really sad because after dinner I am gonna watch either High School Musical 1 + 2 – Karaoke Version with my sister or New Year’s Eve (both air on TV). What I watch depends on when we finish dinner, when we finish it before 8.15pm I am gonna watch New Year’s Eve else I watch HSM because I know the movies already ( almost by heart ).
Since 4 hours I wanted to watch the fireworks in New York but first I had no own computer and last year I was too tired to get up, I have to get up at 6 am for it. This year I am gonna try it again.
Well let’s see how it will be!

The first ones already celebrated New Year’s Eve and in less than 30 minutes Australia will welcome 2016 aswell!


December and Mockingjay Part 2

Can you believe that it is December already?
I was just so busy with school because we wrote a lot of exams. I got some already back and they were better than the first ones except in Math. I am so worse!
Sometimes it is so cool to go to school but when I have presentations or math I really hate it. Fortunately the holidays start next wednesday.
Do you have all presents for christmas? I do not although I started in September to buy them. I still need something for my grandma and maybe something for my acquaitances.
I even know what I get for christmas because my parents, my sister and I went to the mall last week and there I had to pick a tote. It is pretty beautiful, I make a picture after christmas. My sister will give me the Mockingjay Part 1 DVD and from everyone else I will get money.
By the way I saw the new Mockingjay and I was not delighted. Attentation may contain spoiler. The movie was good but the romance and Katniss’ inner conflict about beeing the mockingjay go too short. Moreover, it is always soooo sad when Finnick and Prim die! Especially Finnick, I mean when you know that he dies you assume that throwing his trident will be his dead or at least this was what I thought. Oh and I was surprised that Katniss was not as mad at Gale as I thought she would be for creating the bomb which killed Prim. The last thing was that it seem unreal and it looked weird when Katniss and Peeta were parents.


Well I am sorry but this post is from two weeks ago but we had problems with the Internet so I was just now able to publish it!