just a short post about my favorite songs this time.
My 8 favorite songs: 8. Astronaut – Sido feat. Andreas Bourani Although Sido was a really gross
rapper he changed and makes now pretty great songs and I love
Andreas Bourani’s voice!
7. Hello – Adele To be honest I never really liked her songs because they
sound all so sad and I prefer happily songs.
6. Locked Away – RCity feat Adam Levine I like Maroon 5 and Levine and
this song is a mix between happy and sad.
5. Renegade – XAmbassadors Just a big earwig!
4. Uma Thurman – Fall out boy
3. Wild and free – Lena Got to know it because of the movie Fack ju Göthe
2 and Lena’ s songs are great (just say Traffic Lights)
2. Stitches – Shawn Mendes But all songs by Mendes are great! Especially
Something big and Air.
1. Drag me down – 1D It is a encouraging song, which I cannot forgot.


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