My birthday

Hey guys,

my birthday was better than expected. A friend of mine came by surprisingly (she drove 10 km by bike just to visit me (one way)) That’s so cute! She even brought me a present: a book. It is a thriller about a family whose nanny isn’t what they expected… I’ll tell you how it is then. 

Like I planned I got up at 9am and found an envelope which my sis stuffed through under my door. It was a coupon and a handwritten letter. My mum just hugged me and wished me all the best. We had breakfast then. After it I wanted to go running but first my grandma came and have me her gift: a card with money: American money. My first US Dollars! and second my grandpa phoned congratulated me and asked if I have got his letter. In fact, it has already arrived and contained the only Euros I would get this birthday.  When she left because my mum had to drive her to the doctor I went running. In the meantime a few people wrote me birthday wishes, two acquaintances and my uncle. After my mum came back with my grandma and I had showered she gave me my birthday present: a bouquet of flowers (which she has bought when she waited for my grandma) and a card with money, again American. She said she couldn’t wait until my dad comes back. 

My mum and I cleaned up the house until my sister came back from school because my sister’s math teacher was supposed to come later to teach her some extra math lessons. My sister did not mention my birthday or acknowledged my thank-you. 

At 3pm the doorbell rang. I did not expected visitors and the math teacher would not come before 5pm so I was very surprised when my friend (I call her like that now that she came by only for me and although I did not visit her on her birthday (what makes me a guilty conscience). Fortunately I have baked a cake the day before and after I have showed her my bedroom we ate cake (she ate even 3 which made me very happy because this shows me she liked it). Bit by bit my mum and grandma joined us and we all talked. When my father came home he joined us too and was disappointed that my mum has given me their gift already. I was even able to convince my friend to drink a glass of Amarula although she doesn’t like alcohol. Later it started raining heavily and we had to go inside. Then it was time for my friend to leave to but because of the rain my father was so kind to drive her and her bike. Because of the later I wasn’t able to accompany them unfortunately. 

Dinner was one of my favorite foods: salmon and spinach. Yummy! Just minutes before it was ready my uncle, aunt and cousin came by to give me my present: US dollars! 

The test of the day I watched TV with my parents but had to go to bed early because the next day I had to get up eearly because I had to work. But that’s a different story.

XOXO Becca


That was fast! 

Hey there,

new news from the AuPair front. I got an Email from a new Host family on Friday. I replied approximately 16 hours later. The kids are soooo cute! A girl (9) and a boy (6). The family seems very sporty and active. They picked me probably because of my very active video which does not mirror my real life, I just needed scenes with children whuchand was easiest by jumping trampoline and playing soccer and I wanted to show that I do sports sometimes with the running. It is only now that I noticed that I seen like a sports fanatic in the video. Great. I haven’t got an answer on my Email yet. That is not so bad I mean now I can enjoy my last week of school without being nervous about my interview and I AM STILL NOT SURE IF I WANT TO DO THIS. I mean it is very selfish. My mum relies on me and if I leave she is alone with my dad and my sis with whom she has a lot of fights. 

Update: The family wrote me tonight. I cannot open it. My motto: If I do not know it it isn’t there. Haha, naïve. 


So yesterday I watched the Champions League Final. Unfortunately there was no German team in the final which took place in the GERMAN capital Berlin. At first I didn’t care who win but then I rooted for Barca because they have the German goalkeeper Andre Marc ter Stegen. I thought that Barca wins after the first half but then Juve shot a goal too and I was like “Oh it gets excited, maybe we see penalty shootout (I really like penalty shootouts! :)) I am so happy that Twitter was invented, without it it would have been so boring. The bad thing is that I do not get much of the game or TV show when I am on Twitter. And if I am on Twitter, then I am badly active and tweet a lot. After the final the coverage about the FIFA Women’s World Cup started with one of my favorite German football player (who is unfortunately injured) Kim Kulig.

Then the game Canada versus China PR started. I saw the first half and it was a bit boring and I was tired. I mean the game began at midnight and I got up at 7am that day. Unfortunately I fell asleep when the second half started. My parents turned the TV off and got me a pillow. I woke up at 4:50am and turned the TV on right away. So I saw the last ten minutes and missed this goal aswell as I missed the Canadian one by C. Sinclair (by a penalty!!!). After that I went to bed asap because I have to stay up late today too because of the German game against Cote D’Ivoire. But first I watched the match Norway – Thailand (4:0). Sadly Thailand lost effectively. I had not much time so I ate dinner (tuna salad) while watching the game which was NOT broadcasted in TV. What check! But I am really looking forward to the first game of the German team. I hope most of you watch it, too!!! Have a nice day/evening! Becca

Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Vienna

There is one thing I want to write so badly although it happened 2 weeks ago: the Eurovision Song Contest 2015, which took place in Vienna this year because Conchita Wurst won with her song “Rise like a phoenix” last year. really really enjoy watching the ESC. I always look forward to it, don’t watch the semifinals or listen to the songs before because I want to get surprised. Unfortunately I am the only one in my family, who likes the ESC. This year neither my sister nor my mother were at home, only my father but he stayed almost the whole time in the basement. I watched like every year the German Countdown to the ESC which begins an hour before the competition. This time Barbara Schöneberger was the moderator and the presentress of the German points, too. were not only talked about the chances to win the ESC but also about the two semifinals and there were music acts like the German ESC winner 2010 Lena with her great song “Traffic lights”:
Traffic lights – Lena on Youtube
Another songs I liked from the Countdown Show were “All die schönen Dinge” (All these great things) by Ferris MC. Actually i didn’t liked the song at first but then I had an earwig and it wasn’t at bad as I thought at first and “Flash mich” by Mark Foster (both songs are in German:)):
Flash mich – Mark Foster
Ferris MC even at the Countdown Show
But know enough from the Countdown… Now to the importanat part of the evening!!!
First was Slovenia with “Here for you” by Maraaya. It was catchy but not my favorite.
Second was France with “N’oubliez Pas” by Lisa Angell. It was not my style of music.
Third was Israel with an 16-years-old boy, who looked like a 26 year old, named Nadav Guedj with “Golden boy”. This one was a great party song.
Fourth was Estonia with “Goodbye to yesterday” by Elina Born and Stig Rästa which was just a different but good love song.
Fifth was Great Britain with Electro Velvet and “Still in love with you”. Really bad singing and song.
Sixth was Armenia with the great song “Face the shadows” by Genealogy. It was about the big murder in Armenia approx. 100 years ago.
Seventh was Lithuania with Monika Linkyte and V. Baumila with their song “This time”.She has an interesting dress and their kiss was a bit irratating. I think they thought the whole time about their kiss. The song was okay.
Eighth was Serbia with an okay song and annoying dancers: “Beauty never lies” by Bojana Stamenov.
Ninth were Morland and Deborah Scarlett with “A monster like me” for Norway. The song sounds whiny but Deborah Scarlett is a good singer.
Tenth was Sweden with Mans Zelmerlöw and “Heroes”. Two things I noticed not until the next day: I knew Mans Zelmerlöw before. His song “Cara Mia” is part of my Wii Karaoke game and that his song “Heroes” sounds like David Guetta’s “Lovers on the sun”. Maybe because of this I really liked the song. Also his performnce was great!
Eleventh was Cyprus with “One thing I should have done” by J. Karayiannis. Really bad!
Twelveth was Guy Sebastian with his awesome song “Tonight again” for Australia. I really liked the exception this year that Australia was able to participate too because they are so loyal watchers and their song was great.
Thirtenth was my – in retroperspective – my favorite LOIC NOTTET with “Rhythym inside” for Belgium. And this is a moment where I regret that I haven’t learned French.
Fourtenth was the host country Austria with the Makemakers and “I am yours”. It was a bit boring.
Fiftenth was “One last breath” by Maria E. Kyriakou for Greece. Sounded like every other ballad.
Sixtenth was Montenegro and “Adio” by Knez. I am still wondering why I liked this song.
Seventh was – finally – GERMANY with Ann-Sophie and “Black Smoke”. I really like the song. It sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse. I cannot understand why she didn’t get a single point for it. She even is a good singer! Black Smoke – Ann-Sophie (Germany)
Eightenth was Poland with Monika Kuszynska and the extreme boring song “In the name of love”.
Nintenth was Aminata (the juries’ favorite) with “Love injected” for Latvia. She looked like a 12-years-old!
Twentieth was Voltaj and “De la Capat” for Romania. Not good!
After that it was Spain’s turn with “Amanecer” by Edurne. The dress and the dance were so confusing I didn’t listen to the song!
Twentysecond was “Wars for nothing” by Boggie for Hungary. Message great, song not.
Twentythird was Nina Sublatti with “Warrior” for Georgia. Georgia often has such Rock songs! Was not bad.
Twentyfourth was Azerbaijan with Hour of the wolf by Elnur Huseynov. Was not good but not bad. The best song from Azerbaijan participated 2009: Always – Aysel and Arash ESC 2009 (Azerbaijan)
Twentyfifth was Russia with “A million voices” by Polina Gagarina. The song was such a powerful and excellent ballad by a beautiful singer.
Twentysixth was Albania with Elhaida Dani and “I’m alive”. If she sung better the song would have been better.
The last one was Italy with its classic song “Il volo” by Grande Amore (The audience’s favorite). It was not bad but of course not the best.
So to sum up 1 point for Italy.
2 points for Estonia
3 points for Slovenia
4 points for Georgia
5 points for Armenia
6 points for Israel
7 points for Russia
8 points for Australia
10 points for Belgium from Becca
and 12 points go to Sweden, which won in the end. But when it won I don’t liked the song anymore because it sounds like “Lovers on the sun” and Sweden already won so often!!! But okay. Here are the links to my Top4 ESC 2015 songs:A million voices – Polina Gagarina (Russia)
Tonight again – Guy Sebastian (Australia)
Rhythym inside – Loic Nottet (Belgium) THE ULTIMATE EARWIG!
Heroes – Mans Zelmerlöw (Sweden) WINNER

This was the ESC 2015. The only thing I am mad about is that Austria and Germany does not get one point!

England – Finally

Hey guys. Finally, I’ve made it, I am in Stratford upon Avon, England now! My flight went at 7:40 am so I had to get up at 5am bc it takes a half hour to get to the airport. I went to bed lately yesterday so I was really tired. Half of the way to the airport I had the feeling that I forgot my passport which I took out of my pocket to check in at home yesterday. And I was right, I forgot it, so we – my parents and I – had to drive back home to search it. When we arrived at home it was half past six. Fortunately we found it fastly and we drove back to the airport. We parked the car and wanted to leave the parking lot by elevator but it did not work so my father had to carry my 21.5 pounds heavy bag one floor down. I had to get to Gate B and my mum already panicked that my bag will not get into the plane anymore. It was 6:55am. We checked in my luggage and hurried to the security check. There we had to say our goodbyes. My parents gave me a little lucky pig. It was 7:07am. At 7:10 am my boarding started. I went through security check and to the toilet bc I drank a cup of coffee in the morning. Moreover I bought a magazine bc I did not want to get bored at the 1 hour and 15 minutes long flight. Then I had to go to the passport control and was happy that I realized earlier that I have forgotten him otherwise I would have never catched my plane. I was the last one who arrived at the boarding and right after me the boarding was completed. So it was very scarce. I had a seat at the window, the exact same number than the number of the seat at my first flight with my aunt from Munich to Frankfurt. This was my purpose as I chose it yesterday. The flight was over fast – unfortunately – and the guy from the company where I make my internship picked me up. Ok it took a while ’til we found each other and I had to phone him in the end. I googled him yesterday and the picture I found is not very flattering for him. In person he looks so much nicer and better and is really, really, really nice. Fortunately my mum made me bring some Thank-you-gifts for the people here with me too. We first went to drink a coffee and then had to hurry bc he had to be in time for his video conference. At the beginning it looked like me not 21.5 pounds but exactly 23 pounds heavy bag does not get into his little showoff BMW but it got in. We drove really fast to the company. There I got welcomed by three really nice ladies and got my own computer. Hannah, who should look after me, showed me around and got my my visting card. With this I was able to go through the building to go e.g. to the toilet. After that I got a task right away. I had to create contacts by tipping name, company, telephone and E-Mail from 28 papers into the computer. Then it was time for lunch and Hannah showed me the little town. We talked a little bit about what we like to do in our free time and I noticed that I am really bad at speaking English. Back in the company I got a new task: to update the old contacts. I was finish at “work” at 5pm. One of the nice three ladies – Christine – drove me to the bed and breakfast where I will stay ’til next friday. The owner showed me my room and fortunately brought my bag up to the 2nd floor. It was 6pm. Because it also rained I was not in the mood to go to the next supermarket 20 minutes away so I stayed in my room and unpacked my luggage and ate only an apple for dinner. Moreover I had to fill out the documents about my stay and what I want for breakfast the next few days. After that I skyped with my sister and my parents. Lets see how my stay will be, I am really excited and what I will dream in my first night, bc what you dreams then it gets true (said my mum).
Love you all and a pleasant night Becca

The picture above is my room in the bed and breakfast in Stratford.

Results of the test

While I was scrolling  and skimming through my old posts I noticed that I have not posted the results of the test with the intention to find out which job fits for me.

1. Interpreter 89.92%
2. Linguist 89.26%
3.Translator 88.73%4. Multilingual secretary 85.17%
5. Germanistin 85.57%
6. Cook 70.3%
7. Dietitian 67.87%

Except 6. & 7. they are all about language. That’s great because I really want to do something about language later!

So now my performance specification:
I have a little bit more general knowledge than the average of the other participants.
I can concentrate me better than the average.
My math knowledge is a little bit outstanding (I don’t know how I managed to get this result. I am really really REALLY bad at math.)My spelling is a little bit better than the spelling of the others. (This sentence sounds wrong).
The visual thinking of mine is a little bit better than the average’s ones.

If this results would all be correct I really would be outstanding. I cannot understand why I am so bad at school! 😉


I am – again – really sorry that I was inactive that long but I was pretty busy with school although I didn’t get good grades especially in math. That exam i failed unfortunately. But the next two weeks I will have a working experience and after that two weeks of holidays. I am really excited because I will not do my working experience in Germany but in England. I will stay there utterly alone bc I don’t know anyone there! But I am confident that I will make it. I am really happy to leave my home bc my parents and I have at least two arguments a day. This is really exhausting! I would like to write more but my friend waits for my bc we want to do sports together. So if I have time to write I will post something but I am not sure. I have to check in for my flight tomorrow and have to pack. Cu later guys! 😉

P.S. I want to introduce a new category: Movie Review. I will try to post every weekend a review. Often it will be about romantic movies. The movies can be old movies or some really new which are in the cinemas right now. I try to post one today, maybe even two.