Just random things


I know it took a bit since I wrote the last time. First things first: USA is the new women soccer world cup champion. Wooooh! Unfortunately Germany is on the 4th place but to be honest they were really bad and did not deserve a better place.
The last time I wrote I began watching Starcrossed. That is such a awesome TV series!!! I watched every episode in English and German except of the last one bevause if I watch it there will never be one I fo not know. I know, I know I will watch it next week… Sooo sad that it was cancelled. For the fans a petition

I am so happy that there a just two weeks left until we get holidays! The last week was so hot here in Germany – approx 40 C. It was terrible. OMG I have to go… We go to the birthday of my uncle today. My next post will be about camping with my class a week ago.

Have a nice saturday!

Especially soccer

Hey guys,
I am still alive, but I have to keep it short because I don’t want to miss much of the 2 games of Group B in the WWC. The bad thing is that the WWC takes place when it’s – Germany shot his 2nd goal right now 🙂 – really late often in the night. Unfortunately I fall asleep very often! At the weekend I even slept ’til 12 pm so that I do not fall asleep but you guessed it I fell asleep. I really really wanted to watch the games of the US girls – I really like the players but my ultimate favorite player is ALEX MORGAN – but I fell asleep, The first time I saw the second half, the second time I saw the repetition of the game the day after it took place. I hope so(lo) much that I am able to stay awake to see the whole third game. I am mad that I was awake until 3 am yesterday but I bet I will fall asleep so much earlier today so I will miss the games of the Group A. But that was enough about football I cannot believe that I wrote an A- in poltics. Last semester I got a D-. I am so happy. Apropos in history – my favorite subject together with German and English. So nervous because of the English exam on wednesday and the Latin exam on friday. This week I have maths tutoring 3 times ’cause my private tutor thinks I need every help I can get. Ok I am really bad in maths right now I have an E+. I need a B- to pass maths this year. I was worried because I was too bad in 5 subjects but I passed already Biology and History. I try to write this week again! Have a nice (soccer) day!BECCA (It’s 4:0 for Germany now!)

P.S. I started watching Starcrossed now. Such a cool TV series! Unfortunately there is just one season!


So yesterday I watched the Champions League Final. Unfortunately there was no German team in the final which took place in the GERMAN capital Berlin. At first I didn’t care who win but then I rooted for Barca because they have the German goalkeeper Andre Marc ter Stegen. I thought that Barca wins after the first half but then Juve shot a goal too and I was like “Oh it gets excited, maybe we see penalty shootout (I really like penalty shootouts! :)) I am so happy that Twitter was invented, without it it would have been so boring. The bad thing is that I do not get much of the game or TV show when I am on Twitter. And if I am on Twitter, then I am badly active and tweet a lot. After the final the coverage about the FIFA Women’s World Cup started with one of my favorite German football player (who is unfortunately injured) Kim Kulig.

Then the game Canada versus China PR started. I saw the first half and it was a bit boring and I was tired. I mean the game began at midnight and I got up at 7am that day. Unfortunately I fell asleep when the second half started. My parents turned the TV off and got me a pillow. I woke up at 4:50am and turned the TV on right away. So I saw the last ten minutes and missed this goal aswell as I missed the Canadian one by C. Sinclair (by a penalty!!!). After that I went to bed asap because I have to stay up late today too because of the German game against Cote D’Ivoire. But first I watched the match Norway – Thailand (4:0). Sadly Thailand lost effectively. I had not much time so I ate dinner (tuna salad) while watching the game which was NOT broadcasted in TV. What check! But I am really looking forward to the first game of the German team. I hope most of you watch it, too!!! Have a nice day/evening! Becca

A little reminder

To all the soccer fans out there:
Today’s the final of the Champions League in Berlin. There are playing Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona. I am really excited although unfortunately no German team is in the final. But bad news: In Germany are bad thunderstorms. We had our already this night. The thunder was so loud that our houses shook. And the weathermen said there should be one right when the game should start…
But something more important is that today is the first game of the Women’s World Cup in Canada! The first game starts at 23pm GMT. I am so excited. My favorite female football player is Alex Morgan from the USA. I even collect the Panini Stickers and you can guess who my first sticker was… You are right: ALEX MORGAN!