New Years

Hey there,

you know that I get nostalgic on New Years Eve every year.

My day is not over yet, remember me being at the American East Coast.

My day is not better than the last years, I had to ski for 6 hours, my first time after the first time ever six years ago. I am very proud of myself, my instructor said I was very good and we even went down slopes he usually hits with his students after a few days skiing and I fell just once! He praised me the whole time how good I am. After a time I couldn’t take it serious anymore. After my fall I was not motivated anymore and scared to fall again. Fortunately I was almost done anyway. My host dad picked me up later and we walked back to the hotel. It was so cold! -18 C! I couldn’t feel my toes and fingers anymore. Tomorrow I have to ski with my host family, I hope i can them convince them to leave me behind like they do all the time anyway.

When we came back my host kids and mum went to the hot tub so I could shower. When they came back I had to supervise the boys shower. Then we went to friends of my host parents. Here we stay until next year. Because I felt like disturbing the adults I spent time with the kids watching Rise of the Guardians and The croods until it was dinner time: buffet with Asparagus, Rips, Salmon, mushrooms, potatoes, salad, cauliflower and a lot of snacks. After that I stayed with the adults because I thought it would be weird if I just spend time with the kids but in the end it was weird to be with the adults, they talked about boats and other stuff I have no knowledge about… Right now there singing karaoke and i fell like I am in the wrong place. Maybe I should not be here. Right now I wish i would be at home. They have January already. See you next year.

This year was fine, I enjoy my stay except for the monthly tragic incidents.

We will see where I am today in a year!



A little intoduction to my blog. 😉

Hi guys!
My name is Rebecca, but I prefer Becca. I am 16 and a half years old. Like you see in the Contact I live in Germany near the Königssee. Maybe you have already heard about it because we have a big bob track. Last weekend there was a competition which of course the Germans won. ;-D

In the christmas break I got the idea to write a blog. I hope you all enjoy my blog and I really appreciate it when you comment, like and share.

I use this a little bit like a diary. But don’t worry it’s not only about me. I also will post tips, DIYs and so on.

I hope you all like my blog and follow it because – like the title says – it’s about my – often boring but sometimes really interesting – life. It would be cool if you all stay tuned. CU :-*