Day 4: Thursday 19th March 2015

I got up at 6 am and watched Charmed and Perfection until I went to breakfast.

This day I had baked beans, fried egg, potato waffle, bacon, mushrooms, coffee and toast for breakfast.
This day I had baked beans, fried egg, potato waffle, bacon, mushrooms, coffee and toast for breakfast.

After breakfast Christine and I drove to work. This day was really boring… I just had to update the rest of the alltogether 375 customer accounts. That was much to do but very boring so I not only did this but also used the program Paint and went to the toilette for a change. I also liked it when I had my own card to go into and through the building because not everybody was able to. It felt very exclusive. 🙂 However I thought the day would never end… After I went back to the BB I changed my shoes and went to Stratford. This time is used the way I already knew to get to Tesco. After I bought something for dinner (Pizza, Muffin and Burger) I went back to the BB and watched TV. There is not much different to do. There I watched NCIS. I was so tired that I feel asleep while watching it. Fortunately I woke up at 1 am so was able to set my alarm and get up in time the day after that.


Day 3: Wednesday 18th March

I found a new routine after getting up at 6am. Although the bed is very comfortable I was not able to get more than 7 hour sleep. After I got up I got dressed and cleaned up my room. Then I watched Perfection and one episode of Charmed. I watched this  series in Germany too. When it is finish I have still 25 minutes left ’til I have to go to the breakfast. I chose the same things like the day before except of the grilled tomato. It took me 20 minutes to finish my breakfast. I was alone in the dining room again. Christine picked me up at half past eight and we arrived there at 9am. She told me about her last day that her son had forgotton to write his diary for school and that she had to do it. In the office I filed in some invoices and deal files. This was not as boring as it sounds. After work I wanted to go to Tesco. Because I have no refigator I cannot keep things cold and have to go shopping everyday. This time I took another way because I thought it would be faster. But no way! Suddenly I was in the Industrial Estates and was lost again. So I had to turn around but the lazy me prefered to let my mobile calculate a new route. So I went along the canal of the river Avon. At Tesco I bought the same things like yesterday. When I returned to the BB I watched TV but nothing special… Oh guys it sounds so boring but it was like the last days great!