New Year


I hope you all came good into the new year and I really thank you for giving me your attention in the new year!♄
Maybe you remember that I told you that I want to see the ball drop in New York City but I did not wake up. This year I made it! Perhaps because I went to bed at 2:30am and not at 4am like last year. 

I went to my parents but I just sat there and read. My grandmother came over 15 minutes before midnight. This New Year’s Eve was weird. We just talked and almost missed midnight. We drank champagne and my dad said it. He really did but I told him he can save that and guess what, he was offended. He has not talked to me anymore. That was okay. My grandmother left almost immediatly after midnight and my mum went to bed as fast as she could (it was 1:15am). My cat went crazy. She was really scared. Originally she went upstairs into her bed but she came down when the fireworks started and hid under the christmas tree. I think she was glad that I came to calm her down because she emerged from the tree straight away and I gave her a cuddle until the fireworks ended which was approx. a quarter to 1. She shivered with fear and had really big eyes. If it had not been so scary for her it would have been really cute.
My grandfather phoned and wished us a good new year. We talked a bit and he said he wants me to come this year. I do not see him often, once in a few years but I do not know what to do or talk about with him. So I do not think I am going to visit him this year. Moreover, he is living at the other side of Germany. Well, after my mum went to bed I went upstairs too because my dad ignored me and I watched TV a bit. You probably still know that I like to watch other countries celebrate new year what I did this time as well. I have a few photos for you! 😉

Today was not very special. I learned for my A-Levels when I remembered that I have to do a presentation in computer science after winter break what I have to do, too. Great! I do not even get the topic! Whatever! I will drop it anyway.

At the moment I am watching New York Giants against Washington Redskins. Have you seen that the Vikings won? I know they did not make it into the playoffs but I was happy after all.

When I sat on the couch cuddling my cat I convinced myself that 2017 is going to be MY year. I do not why I am persuaded about it but I suddenly had the feeling yesterday. I hope that it will come true…

Hope you have a nice sunday.

P.S. Jaqueline did not come over, she wrote me already an hour before that she is really tired and almost falls asleep. I was tired as well so i could bear it.


John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978)

The horror movie Halloween by regisseur John Carpenter is about Laurie Strode, who shall babysit Thommy Doyle, a friend of her, Annie Brackett shall babysit in the opposite house of the Doyle’s so they agree on meeting while they are babysitting. But Laurie feels haunted. In the meantime one get to know that Michael Myers just broke out of the jail where he were supposed to spent his life because he killed his sister when he was 6. His doctor Mr. Loomis is sure that he will kill again. One proof for this is the missing thombstone of his sister Judith. And so it is, when Laurie and Annie babysit, Annie brings Lindsey Wallace, who she babysitted to Laurie because she wants to meet her boyfriend Paul. But will she ever meet him because Tommy sees the Black Man lurking around the Wallace’ house?

All in all the the movie is – in my opinion – a bit boring except of the last 15 minutes. Jamie Lee Curtis (Laurie) is convincing. Laurie’s friends are a bit weird and the fact that killing Michael Meyers is so difficult is strange. I think the movie is not really scary and except that Laurie and Tommy carve a pumpkin it has nothing to do with Halloween.

However one should watch it because it is a classicer and like I said the last 15 minutes are really exciting!
Stars: 3.5 of 5

The host (2013)

A review about the movie The host with Sairsore Ronan, Max Irons, Jake Abel and Diane Kruger.

The movie is based on the same called book by Stephenie Meyer. Yeah she wrote the Twilight Saga and to be honest I was addicted to it not such a long time ago.

I have read the books before – fortunately – and the plot is almost the same, some things, sometimes just details are different. Later more about that.
The movie is about the alien Wanderer (Saisore Ronan) who got implamentated into the body of Melanie. Usually the aliens take over the body and the human vanishes but this time Melanie fights against Wanderer’s control and wants to return to her family. The aliens are a very peaceful and nice species and hate violence. They have already conquered a lot of planets.
Melanie can distract Wanderer at a drive through the dessert and suddenly are at that place where Melanie thinks her uncle Jeb has a secret escape. There she hopes to find her boyfriend Jared (Max Irons) and her brother Jamie (Chandler Canterburry). They actually find Jeb (William Hurt). He is really interested in Wanderer and her stories other than the other humans in the cave, where they are hiding. Some of them even want to kill her (e.g. Ian portrayed by Jake Abel). Jared is really angry but insecure, only Jamie wants her alife. When Jamie and Jeb get to know that Melanie still lives, can they convince Jared not to kill her and what is about Wanderer and Melanie when another human falls in love with Wanderer, an alien?

The landscape looks really great and of course is it difficult to make a film about a book with approx 1000 pages. First to the details who are different:

Book                                                                            movie
the seekers have black clothes,…                   the seeker have white ones

Wanderer is recommended to get              Wanderer is locked away and
another body after she attacked                 flees
the seeker (Diane Kruger)

Wanderer decides it HERSELF to          Melanie distracts Wanda and
search for Jamie and Jared                    crashes the car so they can not
leave the dessert anymore

Jamie meets Wanda after a few days     He meets her when she first
arrives in the caves

Aaron and Brandt are alive                    Aaron and Brandt die

Wes is one of the best friends of           One sees him in just one scene
Wanderer and they make a lot

… (I do not wanna tell too much if you wanna watch it)

The movie is really bad because if you have not read the book you do not understand how that worked with the aliens. And there is a much bigger conflict for Wanderer if she wants to support the humans or her species.
Saisore Ronan is a great actress but in this movie she seems very cold although Wanderer is a very peaceful and altruistic character, who just wants the best for the people she loves, she would even die for them. Max Irons is really good because one is really convinced that he suffers because of the loss of Melanie.
So all in all the movie is bad you should rather read the book!

The host Trailer

Pet Semantary (1989)

The movie is based on the same called book by Stephen King (because of this we watched it, no I did not read it but my father has it).
It is about Dr. Louis Creed, who moves with his wife Rachel and his children Gage and Ellie to a house right next to a highway and near to a pet cemetery in Ludlow. When his wife and his children spent their weekend at their grandparents, he has to watch after their cat Church. When Church, the beloved cat of his daughter, gets overruned by a truck. Louis new friend and neighbor Jud Crandall shows him a an old Indian place, where Louis should bury the cat instead of on the pet semantary/cemetery. Louis does what Jud says and the next day Church is alive again although he is a bit more aggressive and bloodthirsty. After Gage got killed by a truck a short time later, Louis buries him at the Indian place too although Jud says he should not do it. Louis does not want to hear what Jud said. So he digs Gage out and buries him there. As soon as Gage returns he kills Jud and his mother, who returned from her parents to look after Louis. When Louis sees what Gage died he poisons him. He thinks that Gage just got crazy because he was already too long dead when he buried him at the Indian place so he takes his dead wife immediately and buries her there. She returns but is she still the same? Ok guys this is almost the whole movie. There is no big excitement. The movie was over really fast but almost nothing happened. The story is okay but the implementing is really bad. The actors are okay, Fred Gwynne is the best. It looks funny when Gage kills someone.
To sum up, the film is a bit boring, but it is a must-see for classic movie fans and if one want to laugh. It was not scary.

The Ring (2002)

The Ring is a remake of a japanese movie called the Ring (1998).There are only a few differences like – of course – the names, and about the family which has to do with the video. The rest is the same. I cannot understand why the film was new filmed.
The Ring is about Rachel Keller (Naomi Watts) who is asked to find out why her niece Katie died. She meets friends of her niece, who tell her that Katie watched a video seven days before her death. Who the video watches, gets a call and dies seven years later, supposedly. The mysterious thing is that 3 other friends, who watched the video with Katie, died too. So Rachel tries to find the video. She finds it and watches it. When she gets a call and looked as blurred as Katie and her friends on photos she is convinced that she is going to die in a week. Because of this she tries to find a way to stop it. Her Ex-husband, who also saw the video helps her. When her son Aidan sees the video too, she really wants to find a way to stop it…
To be honest, the movie was not really scary, the only disgusting thing was how the corpses look like. Apart from that the movie is thrilling but in the end I was wondering when the movie is over. (This was maybe only because I was tired;) ) Sometimes I was asking why Rachel does something like on the boat when she stays with the horse, which gets more and more aggressive. Naomi Watts is a good actress and persuasive. Martin Henderson (Rachel’s Ex-husband Noah) is sometimes a bit annoying. But the little girl was always frightening.
All in all the movie is exciting and first I was afraid to watch the movie too. It is a good movie but I do not think that is a good horror movie!

While you were sleeping (1995)

The movie While you were sleeping is a typical romance but in a good way.
It is about Lucy, who works as a ticket seller at a train station in Chicago. Every weekday she sees her crush Peter, who does not notice her. At christmas Peter gets attached and bumbed onto the rails. She sees the attack and saves him. In the hospital she is not allowed to visit him because she is not a family member. A nurse heard her saying she wanted to marry him and thinks she is the fiance of him. Because of this she is allowed to visit him. Shortly after this Peter’s family arrives and gets told that Lucy is Peter’s fiancee.
She is too shocked to tell the truth and after becoming part of Peter’s family after being alone and hearing that his grandmother Elsie has heart problems. Peter cannot tell the truth, too because he falls into a coma. Only Peter’s godfather Saul knows the truth because he hears Lucy talking with Peter. He says she cannot tell the truth and that he will help her with her problem. Because Lucy is alone at christmas and got an invitation to spend it with the Gallaghers, Peter’s family, she celebrates with them. There she meets Peter’s brother Jack. First he cannot believe that his brother is going to marry such a nice girl but after successfully answering his questions – by knowing the answers accidentally – Jack believes her and they become friends and maybe a little bit more than that…

The movie is a really stereotyped romance. I really enjoyed watching it. Sandra Bullock (Lucy) is a big reason why this film is really great. When Jack aka Bill Pullman appeared I first thought he is Robin Williams. It is really great to see how Sandra and Bill act together. In my opinion this movie is a must watch!

The time traveler’s wife (2009)

I am so nervous because of tomorrow so I try to distract me with this blog. Last sunday I watched ”The time traveler’s wife”. I wanted to watch this movie so bad so I bought it last saturday. It is about Henry de Tamble who is a time traveler. He lost his mother at an accident as a child where he is partly responsible for. Since this he never really had friends or relationships.
One day he meets Clare Abshire in the library, where he works. She recognizes him immediatly although he sure they have never meet before. Clare convinces him that they meet by telling him that she knows he is a time traveler. Furthermore she tells him she loves him. Henry will visit her in the past, when she is still a child and she will fall in love with her. They become a couple. Clare’s friends are leery and one of them, Gomez, catches the future Henry and sees him vanishing. He tells Clare about it but of course she knows it already. Of course there are more problems caused by Henry’s time travelling like Henry’s abscent at his wedding…

Although the movie is a romantic drama, its more about Henry’s time travelling than about the love story between Henry and Clare. Another thing that I does  not like about the movie is that there is no building up of the relationship, suddenly there together even though one sees Henry travelling back in time to Clare’s childhood. Clare often says that he visited her but one only sees him travelling back 3 – 4 times. There some unlogical things like Henry cannot travel with clothes but returns with clothes???! Some things seem really unrealistic but it is at the very rarely scenes really romantic. I think the end is really surprising although one can foresee it from the half of the movie.
Eric Bana (Henry) and Rachel McAdams (Clare) have a great chemistry together but are unchallenged with their roles so it sometimes seems like the plot bores them, too.

All in all it is a cute movie and good for a lonely, rainy sunday afternoon.