Family trip to Utah

Hey folks,

I am very excited and nervous right now because we are flying to Utah today. I know, we have already made trips to Maryland, Philadelphia and New Hampshire but we drove there by car and now we use an airplane! I have no idea how this will go. What documents do I need? To be on the safe side I will take all: my passport (of course), my ID, my visa, my DS2017. I can’t realize we go there. We will land in Salt Lake City but we will stay in Park City in an AirBnB. Our flight will go at 7:20pm so we still have plenty of time. My suitcase is packed since friday. It is the small hand luggage suitcase. It was hard to get everything in there although we just stay there until friday but it is ski stuff which is puffy! I can’t believe I got everything in there! But taking the big suitcase would be weird, it would be half empty probably and my hostfamily has the small bags and I use my huge suitcase? No thanks. I have no idea what to exspect. That will be my second night flight and the boys are already tired so they will probably sleep. My hostdad said I should exspect us to arrive at our AirBnB at 2am. Great. Tomorrow is no ski school so we can sleep in but it is on Tuesday and Wednesday and we will meet my hostdad’s cousin someday too. I am not nervous about meeting his family anymore. His family is very nice, I am just anxious about me having forgotten everything I learned about skiing six weeks ago. As long as I do not have to ski on intermediate slopes again I am good. We won’t just ski there, my hostmum really wants to see the hot springs so hopefully we can do that too.

Here it has snowed overnight and I am not sad we will miss the snow. I take my computer with me so I can stream the Olympics there too. Between Utah and Massachusetts is a time difference of two hours and it will take us around six hours to fly there. I am already curious next to whom I will sit. But back to the Olympics, so because of the time difference most of the events are in the evening and at night. Luckily I sleep on the sofa in the living room so I won’t disturb anyone watching it. I am still doing good on my bet although Norway just overtook the lead at the medal table. Nevertheless I am very satisfied with Germany’s performance especially with Eric Frenzel (who won already one gold medal and still has the chance for more) and with Andreas Wellinger in ski jumping, one of my favorite sports to watch, I couldn’t imagine doing it, jumping down a hill, it looks more like flying. He won one gold and one silver medal and he can get one more gold? tomorrow in the team competition. I HAVE to watch it hence my computer.

I am so nervous, I can’t wait to leave and I really do not know what to do until we leave for the airport.
See ya!




Good morning,

I am currently sitting in the airplane. We are standing on the airfield for almost one and a half hours now because of the mist. 

The day began already excellent. When I checked in and gave away my suitcase it was too heavy (only one kg above the maximum weight) and I had to take something out, in the end it was my winter jacket. I wear two jackets now although it will be 26 C in New York. Awesome! I was so furious I started to cry. 

We met my aunt, my uncle and my cousin and walked to the passport check together. In front of it we waited for one hour and talked. My cousin has made me a little book, which is very cute.

Before the Passport check I had to say goodbye to my family. My sister and father were totally cool but my mother cried the whole time. I thought I would cry too because I have started crying the days before when my mum cried and even cried when my little cousin cried because I would leave. But now I was very cool. Maybe because I am so excited and can’t wait to get there. My dream comes true. I am so happy! The last days I looked full of joy towards my departure and only felt bad when my mum started crying but all in all I am very happy. 

Oh we start moving so I turn on the flight mode now. See you! 


So Leuts,

I have less than 24 hours left with my family. I am total panicking, not because I leave ( I think that is going to happen soon) but because I am packing my suitcase since Sunday, okay I started on Sunday and continued yesterday and I have too much stuff. Originally I thought I am really good at packing, everything seemed to fit and I wasn’t even sure if I need the hand luggage but everyone made me feel like I have not enough and now I have too much (it does not fit into the suitcase I haven’t weighed it yet) and I does not know what to leave at home, everything seems important! I have not much else than clothes, is this normal? Unfortunately, the presents for the host family take one third of the space! Ups. 

My aunt made a USA – Rebecca is coming Party yesterday. There were burgers and beer (Bud light for me and German for the others, to be honest I haven’t tasted a difference) and I have baked cookie butter cupcakes. There was American music and my aunt wanted to know everything about my flight, my travel preparations, my first days in New York, my future if I want to expand. She said I should not answer the messages of my mum everyday because when I am not at home it should feel like it too. My mum could have killed her. 

I am still not nervous because I cannot realise I am leaving tomorrow. Weird. 

I crafted the whole week (instead of packing) goodbye presents for my parents and my grandma: a clock full of pictures with typical American images so they know what time it is in Boston and a calendar with pictures from us as well as from New England. Now that I am finish I think it is ridiculous and a totally self centered present but I thought I have to give them something! 

What I have to do today is obviously packing, cleaning up my room, it looks like something exploded in here because I have thrown everything I thought I wanted to take with me into the floor and now there is barely floor visible, I want to shower, eat all the stuff which only I eat (happy eating), vacuum at my grandma’s, search the suitcase scale, say goodbye to my grandma and my aunt, cook dinner (Chili con carne), maybe read, oh not to forget quit my job, sleep and I think that’s it. 

Job Interviews part 2

I think I have a new hobby: job interviews.

This one was the second this week and the fourth during this month. And it was very exciting and by far the most thrilling and fun! I applied at the airport but not for now but for next year when I return. 

First, I had some problems finding the place (I mean Frankfurt Airport is the biggest in Germany) but I arrived just in time). We were approximately 20 , applicants, the most were dressed very  VERY formal, I felt slightly underdressed, and we had to take a test. The test was about logic e.g. complete numerical series, match fitting words and an English grammar test. I finish first and completed all exercises although the women said that one usually cannot complete all in the given time. Ups. Then I had to talk to the women again about how much I want to work and when I want to start. When they got the test results they either told you you did not pass or they invited to a personal talk which took about 15 minutes and was partly in English. After that I had to wait again. When they think you would fit in you are invited to a 30 minute long talk with a psychologist who evaluates if the job is the right thing for you. I get the result of the last talk within the next two weeks. That was real fun but I was overwhelmed by the last conversation. I think I screwed it up because I did not know what to answer…

Well, let’s see… 


Reasons why I am jealous about my little cousins trip to the US

I JEALOUS AF!!!!  My cousin, the 11 years old, her parents and their friends fly to Las Vegas, USA tommorrow. They will stay there for 3 weeks. They will visit Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Los Angeles and of course a lot more like a youth hostel in a light house and the Disney Attraction Park. My dream since I was ten was visiting the US and excatly this places. And they fly. I love flying – I do not know why because I am really afraid of heights – and I never flew so long. They are flying as long as we need to drive to France, really frustating. I know, using the plane is bad for the environment but I do not fly often – six times now. Three years ago four times: 2 times with my aunt from Munich to Frankfurt so that I have been in a plane before I went a few weeks later on the England-Exchange and the last two times in March bc of my internship. Another point because I am jealous is that she can speak English there. I love speaking English more than spesking German although I am better in German. I do not even speak French! And she does not want to go there, she would rather visit Namibia or Bali. But she is really cute and wants to send a lot of postcards and buy us souvenirs. Ok lets see how her vacation turns out to be. There especially in the area near LA are bad forest fires and in the last months one hears a lot about the shot people some even by the police, very scary. (I am still jealous, maybe I will have later enough money to go there. The flight is really expensive 1500 €.)

England – Finally

Hey guys. Finally, I’ve made it, I am in Stratford upon Avon, England now! My flight went at 7:40 am so I had to get up at 5am bc it takes a half hour to get to the airport. I went to bed lately yesterday so I was really tired. Half of the way to the airport I had the feeling that I forgot my passport which I took out of my pocket to check in at home yesterday. And I was right, I forgot it, so we – my parents and I – had to drive back home to search it. When we arrived at home it was half past six. Fortunately we found it fastly and we drove back to the airport. We parked the car and wanted to leave the parking lot by elevator but it did not work so my father had to carry my 21.5 pounds heavy bag one floor down. I had to get to Gate B and my mum already panicked that my bag will not get into the plane anymore. It was 6:55am. We checked in my luggage and hurried to the security check. There we had to say our goodbyes. My parents gave me a little lucky pig. It was 7:07am. At 7:10 am my boarding started. I went through security check and to the toilet bc I drank a cup of coffee in the morning. Moreover I bought a magazine bc I did not want to get bored at the 1 hour and 15 minutes long flight. Then I had to go to the passport control and was happy that I realized earlier that I have forgotten him otherwise I would have never catched my plane. I was the last one who arrived at the boarding and right after me the boarding was completed. So it was very scarce. I had a seat at the window, the exact same number than the number of the seat at my first flight with my aunt from Munich to Frankfurt. This was my purpose as I chose it yesterday. The flight was over fast – unfortunately – and the guy from the company where I make my internship picked me up. Ok it took a while ’til we found each other and I had to phone him in the end. I googled him yesterday and the picture I found is not very flattering for him. In person he looks so much nicer and better and is really, really, really nice. Fortunately my mum made me bring some Thank-you-gifts for the people here with me too. We first went to drink a coffee and then had to hurry bc he had to be in time for his video conference. At the beginning it looked like me not 21.5 pounds but exactly 23 pounds heavy bag does not get into his little showoff BMW but it got in. We drove really fast to the company. There I got welcomed by three really nice ladies and got my own computer. Hannah, who should look after me, showed me around and got my my visting card. With this I was able to go through the building to go e.g. to the toilet. After that I got a task right away. I had to create contacts by tipping name, company, telephone and E-Mail from 28 papers into the computer. Then it was time for lunch and Hannah showed me the little town. We talked a little bit about what we like to do in our free time and I noticed that I am really bad at speaking English. Back in the company I got a new task: to update the old contacts. I was finish at “work” at 5pm. One of the nice three ladies – Christine – drove me to the bed and breakfast where I will stay ’til next friday. The owner showed me my room and fortunately brought my bag up to the 2nd floor. It was 6pm. Because it also rained I was not in the mood to go to the next supermarket 20 minutes away so I stayed in my room and unpacked my luggage and ate only an apple for dinner. Moreover I had to fill out the documents about my stay and what I want for breakfast the next few days. After that I skyped with my sister and my parents. Lets see how my stay will be, I am really excited and what I will dream in my first night, bc what you dreams then it gets true (said my mum).
Love you all and a pleasant night Becca

The picture above is my room in the bed and breakfast in Stratford.