It has been a long time since I wrote the last time! Actually I wanted to take my computer with me to France but my dad said no. I am happy to be back, I did not really enjoy my stay in France. Maybe because of my parents? I wondered if people my age still go with their family on vacation the whole time. France was really nice, I really like Baguette. ❤ We went to Grasse, Antibes, Nice, Eze, Vence, the Cave of Baume Obscure, the Grand Canyon of Europe (I did not know that this even exists) and to my birthday wish Monaco! And yes my birthday was when we were in France. I got a new purple camera and a 5€ from my sister. We stayed in a little house in the Alpes 20 km away from the sea but it took us 1 1/2 hours to get there because to get to sea level one had to drive 1 km down and this in just 20km! We often went to the beach and I really love the sea!!! One thing I also enjoyed in France was that some TV chanels are English! For example I was able to watch one of my favorite TV series in English: Criminal Minds! I do not know why but I always enjoy driving to our vacation destination, too. My sister and I watch a movie, we have a little car TV, play with our cell phone, Nintendo DS, iPad or read. I often just watch the landscape passing by especially in Switzerland. I like the mountains so much! I think the Switzerland is so beautiful!
I post pictures later!
Today was day 3 after summer break! My timetable is horrible! Monday, Tuesday, Friday I have school until 5 pm, Wednesday until 3.15pm and thursday until 1pm. And I still need 1 hour until I am at home. But the last two years of school started so everything I do is now important for my Abitur. My major subjects are German and English. In German we are reading 3 books this half year. The first one we have to finish until next monday. It is by Schiller and called Die Jungfrau von Orleans (The Maid of Orleans) based on Jeanne D’Arc. In English we are reading How to kill a mockingbird, next semenster instead of Othello like the years before us Romeo and Julliet and then Mother to Mother.
Today one of my favorite TV-shows airs: The Taste. I really like to bake and cook! My favorite cook is Alexander Herrmann but Frank Rosin and Tim Mälzer are cool too. Unfortunately Lea Linster is not in the jury anymore.

I have to go, my mum called. The dinner is ready. Today it is Chilli con Carne!



Reasons why I am jealous about my little cousins trip to the US

I JEALOUS AF!!!!  My cousin, the 11 years old, her parents and their friends fly to Las Vegas, USA tommorrow. They will stay there for 3 weeks. They will visit Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Los Angeles and of course a lot more like a youth hostel in a light house and the Disney Attraction Park. My dream since I was ten was visiting the US and excatly this places. And they fly. I love flying – I do not know why because I am really afraid of heights – and I never flew so long. They are flying as long as we need to drive to France, really frustating. I know, using the plane is bad for the environment but I do not fly often – six times now. Three years ago four times: 2 times with my aunt from Munich to Frankfurt so that I have been in a plane before I went a few weeks later on the England-Exchange and the last two times in March bc of my internship. Another point because I am jealous is that she can speak English there. I love speaking English more than spesking German although I am better in German. I do not even speak French! And she does not want to go there, she would rather visit Namibia or Bali. But she is really cute and wants to send a lot of postcards and buy us souvenirs. Ok lets see how her vacation turns out to be. There especially in the area near LA are bad forest fires and in the last months one hears a lot about the shot people some even by the police, very scary. (I am still jealous, maybe I will have later enough money to go there. The flight is really expensive 1500 €.)

Made it! :D

My summer break 2015

First things first: I’ve made it, I don’t have to stay down a year! At the half of this year I had in 5 subjects (history, biology, maths, PE and music) too bad grades. But somehow I managed to improve all my grades except of PE but that is okay bc it was my only bad subject. So I am happy and looking forward to get holidays tomorrow!

In the holidays (in Germany it lasts 6 weeks) in the first week I am going to redecorate and clean up my room. Maybe I am going to do something with  my mother too, my sister is with the scouts in Austria the first and second week. The second week I want to meet my friends. Unfortunately there are all in vacations in the third week. I will go with my family to Southern France in the fourth and fifth week and in the sixth week I will do something for school like sorting and archiving my school things from last year and prepare it for the new one.
What’s about you? What are you doing in your (summer) break?

To react to my last post Summer: The party was a bit boring because only the parents of my uncle and my family was invited. We had a barbecue and the rest of the time my cousin Kira and I watched horror movies – we love it, although I know, I know I wrote that I don’t like horror movies not a long time ago…! We watched The Ring and Pet Sematary (Friedhof der Kuscheltiere). The movie review I am going to post in a moment… It was funny.
I said I would post about our camping trip: We went camping for two days and one night. We took the train and the bus and did not have to take our luggage with us because our tutor came late and brought it with her. It was really hot and we made a hike through the mountains. It was soooo exhausting and took 3 hours. After that we went to a restaurant and I ate a Salami pizza <3. Then we went to the camping side and welcomed our tutor and set up our tents. After that we started our barbecue and sat around the bonfire and ate our food we brought with us. The night was relaxed because everybody went to sleep but unfortunately I was alone in the tent because my partner got ill. The next day we ate breakfast and went asap home. This time everyone had to carry his/her things. The trip was okay.

Something different: While I am running – it is my most creative part of the day – I thought about what I could post on the blog and thought I should post 2 times a month my favorite recipes because I really love to cook and bake. What do you think?
And I want to write about something I really like once or twice a month…
Sounds great doesn’t it?


Hello I am back home, already since friday. I am really sorry that I have not had the time to write something so I will try to tell you this in the next days. All in all my stay in England was amazing and I am really sad to be home again. Furthermore I am  still a little bit busy because my parents changed my floor from carpeted floor to laminate so they had to empty my room and I have to put it back in my room again. But I am really lazy and instead of cleaning it up, I draw pictures or make mosaics ( found both while cleaning up). I never thought my internship in the UK would be so nice and I am so so so so so so unending sad that my time there is over! Okay guys, I should try finishing the cleaning up of my room today so I go back working and I promise when I am finished you will some more days of my great stay in Stratford-upon-Avon!