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today the Football season finally starts! I am so excited and totally looking forward to it. I am already planning how I am going to watch it, the snacks, the place, etc. Just a few hours to go and then I am watching my new home team: the New England Patriots!❤ Unfortunately Julian Edelman is hurt and cannot play this season (and I have him in my Fantasy team😭). Moreover, I am disappointed in the Vikings, they cut Moritz Böhringer!😤 Hopefully the Vikings won’t make it into the playoffs and the Patriots will participate in the Super Bowl (at least). 😈


One thought on “Football😍🏈

  1. WOW, I cannot believe I liked the Pats just a few weeks ago! I really hoped they would not win the SuperBowl because they seem to win always! I was rooting for the Saints but they lost against the Vikings in the Playoff, that was a game! And I begrudged the Vickings to participate in SBLII. Maybe I do not like the Pats anymore because they are the favorite team of my sis. But one of my favorite players is Amendola and I was a little sad when they lost… Maybe I do not dislike them as much as I would want to!

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