Eurovision Song Contest 2017


you know how much I love the ESC. I am always very excited about it, already weeks before. My family do not understand my fascination with this event. Although I love it so much I do not watch the semi-finals because I prefer to get surprised in the final what songs every country contributes this year. I listen to the songs which did not make it into the final after every semi-final. This year I accidentally listened to Sweden’s entry before the final. Damn. I had an earworm of it the whole time even though it was not that good. I started watching the ESC in my room on Saturday because my family did not want to watch it and I watched the new episode of Prison Break before, which luckily ended right before the Song Contest began.

I already got my strawberries and Coke so I can fully enjoy the ESC without any interruption. Germany’s entry was not awesome but not that bad either. After three songs I noticed that my mum watches it too. So I got downstairs and we watched it together. I love to live tweet during the ESC and get to know what other people think of the Song and share my opinion. The best thing is that the actor Seamus Dever (famous for his role “Ryan” in Castle) watched and tweeted about it too – like last year.

The time always flies by, so it did this year too. When all songs were over I was very disappointed because there was barely a good song although I have to say now that there are a few songs I really like after listening a few times to them.

The contest got opened by Israel. First I thought he is a really bad singer but since I listen to the Song the whole week I like it.

I do not like Poland’s entry. I did not got that fiddler anyway.

Belarus was even worse. Then jumping on stage seemed ridiculous and the vents, what for?

Austria’s entry was average. He was a typical teen boy singer, nothing special. The song was okay.

Next was Armenia. The background dancers were weird. Although the Song was okay it did not create feelings.

The song of the Netherlands was good until the chorus even though it sounded a bit like a Christmas song performed by Pentatonix.

Then the best song of the evening came. I liked it then already but like I said before hearing it more often make me like it even more. MOLDOVA HAD THE BEST ENTRY THIS YEAR. The leg dance was crazy and I did not get the brides on stage but the Song, I love it!

Hungary’s song was the first one I really disliked.

The Italian entry was okay although I did not get the hype about it. If it has a message I do not get it because I cannot speak Italian. But the voice of the singer was different, I like it.

Denmark was boring this year.

Salvador Sobral – the winner of this year’s  – is a good singer but his song sounded like a dying cat. The song was so slumbrous. I do not get how this song could win. Is the majority deaf? People are you crazy?

Azerbaijan was not so bad, I mean I did not get why there were a ladder and a horse but the on stage performance was very minimalistic in general this year.

Croatia was bad. Does the singer has a split personality. This was not art but just rubbish.

Australia was like Austria dedicated to all teen girls but I liked this one better than the Austrian one (Sorry). In fact it even is third best in my opinion this year.

Greece had creepy background dancers too but the Song was good.

The entry of Spain was okay although I think it did not deserve the last place. Okay it seemed like he can only say “Do it for your lova” in English but it was groovy.

I cannot understand why I totally hated Norway’s entry at first because I already started loving it during the recaps and in the end it became my second favorite this year.

Great Britain’s singer was great but the Song was terrible. I pleaded her to give up and leave.

Cyprus had a fine song as well although it still reminds me of an advertisement.

My mom loved Romania’s yodeling entry although I found it awful.

Our entry was not that bad, I thought it would be in the middle field, I do not understand why Europe hates us! Thanks Ireland, by the way! 😘

Ukraine was way better than last year but still not that good.

Belgium always sends good entry, I just say Loic Nottet, I love Blanche’s voice and the Song was absolutely amazing.

Sweden’s entry is really catchy and has so deep lyrics. 😉 But I think Robin is too narcissistic.

The Bulgarian one was boring and without any emotions.

The last one, France, was surprising but just average.

My resume was then that there were “average songs, not one totally awesome, boring stage performances and crazy background dancers”. Now I have to say that the songs were not that bad as I thought at first.

I think MOLDOVA should have won and not that awful song from Portugal.


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