Good morning in the morning

Hey, I hope you all had a great Easter. My Easter was okay, too. I mean I did not do much except for shopping online, eating (of course), reading and binge watching “Lost”. I am finish with Prison Break since last Friday. I have to say that the last two episodes were not necessary because beforehand they needed a whole season to break out and now only two episodes? Nah. But I love what Michael did for Sara, it was so cute. I have watched the latest two episodes as well. I am a bit disappointed that Sara is married but I suppose it is normal, I think it is healthy to move on. But I think (or rather hope) that Michael and Sara get back together. Jacob is probably a bad guy, sent to watch Sara and looking for a sign of Michael or something like that. He probably did not marry Sara because of love. Anyway, is their marriage legitimate? I mean if Michael is not dead and they did not divorced, Michael and Sara are still married!!! Unfortunately William Fichtner is not part of the new season. Perhaps he has a guest appearance. Well, what I originally intended to tell was that I have withdrawel symptoms of not watching Prison Break. Everything else is boring. I decided to watch “Lost” because I have read a lot of good things about it. I know so much actors/actresses! I like the story and it is really exciting but it is not as good as Prison Break. My favourite characters are Charlie, Sawyer and Sayid. I totally dislike Kate and Jack. I was really shocked that Charlie dies but then I remembered he is part of the main cast so he cannot die. I always think like this so I was really shocked when (SPOILER Bellick died) 

However school starts today and I am not ready. We probably get a lot of exams back. All bad, I suppose. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that there are only 4 weeks of school left. My school start could not get much worse because my English teacher demanded that I do a presentation of a twenty years old text about globalization (so up to date) and we had to write a poem for our poetry slam in German. 

I am in a really bad mood.

CU Becca XXX


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