On my way

Hi people, 

At the moment, I am on my way to the Abiparty in our school to celebrate that we are finish with the written part of our A-Levels. It is today because the last exam – physics – was today. I only had 2 classes so I went home but I had barely one hour there before I had to leave again. Right now, I am sitting in the train. I did not want to drive because then I cannot drink something and it would be horrible to stand sosemester next to a lot of drink people 😉 And yes, I AM already 18 years old. A lot of people I get along with won’t come unfortunately. They did not want to come again or does not like the people there. I think we can make this party only once so why should I miss it. Anyway, if I do not like it there I can go home. A friend from an other school goes to the big Abiparty in Frankfurt but that is to far away for us. Okay, if I had to bet I would say there won’t be a lot of people. I assume this because of the talks I have heard. There will be all the typical people who make party nonstop and I will feel awkward probably. But let’s see. Maybe it will be awesome. I am still trying to convince this one girl, I get along with very well, to come, too. 

Okay I go partying! 

XOXO Becca❤


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