It’s too coooooooold outsiiiideee for angels to fly

I am so silly! Instead of going home and being in a  warm house I spent my time going to the supermarket to buy potato bread (I am addicted to it!) & strawberries. Buying it tomorrow would not have meant coming home later because I have a lot of time between school and tutoring where I can’t go home. But stupid Rebecca couldn’t wait and had to get it today, so she sits at the train station now and freezes her ass off. To top that she just sits there because she missed the earlier train by approximately one minute! One f***cking minute! If the women on the checkstand had hurried up a bit or if she had decided faster if she should take the Chinese vegetables as well or if she had run to the train station instead of walking fast she would have catches the train. Shoulda, coulda, woulda…


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