December and Mockingjay Part 2

Can you believe that it is December already?
I was just so busy with school because we wrote a lot of exams. I got some already back and they were better than the first ones except in Math. I am so worse!
Sometimes it is so cool to go to school but when I have presentations or math I really hate it. Fortunately the holidays start next wednesday.
Do you have all presents for christmas? I do not although I started in September to buy them. I still need something for my grandma and maybe something for my acquaitances.
I even know what I get for christmas because my parents, my sister and I went to the mall last week and there I had to pick a tote. It is pretty beautiful, I make a picture after christmas. My sister will give me the Mockingjay Part 1 DVD and from everyone else I will get money.
By the way I saw the new Mockingjay and I was not delighted. Attentation may contain spoiler. The movie was good but the romance and Katniss’ inner conflict about beeing the mockingjay go too short. Moreover, it is always soooo sad when Finnick and Prim die! Especially Finnick, I mean when you know that he dies you assume that throwing his trident will be his dead or at least this was what I thought. Oh and I was surprised that Katniss was not as mad at Gale as I thought she would be for creating the bomb which killed Prim. The last thing was that it seem unreal and it looked weird when Katniss and Peeta were parents.


Well I am sorry but this post is from two weeks ago but we had problems with the Internet so I was just now able to publish it!


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