It is fall although it felt like Winter last week because IT SNOWED IN THE MIDDLE OF OCTOBER! Usually it snows the first time in the last November days or in December. The biggest surprise that it snowed really heavily. Many trees broke because of the weight of the snow. I do not like snow so much except when I am at home and do not have to leave the house but I had to go to school but the way TO school was no problem but the way back home was difficult. I had to wait one and a half hours for the train! My parents were not able to pick me up because the had – like (almost) everyone – summer tires. That was bad.
Actually I love fall it is my favorite season, everything is so colorful and it is not too hot nor too cold. It gets dark sooner and one feels happy to be at home again. I really like to lay before my window, watch the stars and hear to the radio.
Spring is cool too. After the winter I really enjoy watching the plants growing and blossom. The temperatures are getting higher and the sun comes back again.
Summer and Winter are both great but I like fall and spring more. In Summer it is often too hot and I do not like going outside and this makes me feel guilty because I do not make the most out of the good weather… But I like it sunny and when it is not so hot and try to be outside as often as possible. Winter is often so cold I do not enjoy beeing outside and when snow lies it is often muddy. But the good thing is I do not feel bad when I am staying inside. 🙂
My favorite months are June (because summer just starts and the sun begins to shine more), October (like I said I like Fall and October is for me the typical Fall) and December (I like to stay inside, drink tea and have it cozy and Christmas!).

What’s about you?


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