I JEALOUS AF!!!!  My cousin, the 11 years old, her parents and their friends fly to Las Vegas, USA tommorrow. They will stay there for 3 weeks. They will visit Las Vegas, The Grand Canyon, Death Valley and Los Angeles and of course a lot more like a youth hostel in a light house and the Disney Attraction Park. My dream since I was ten was visiting the US and excatly this places. And they fly. I love flying – I do not know why because I am really afraid of heights – and I never flew so long. They are flying as long as we need to drive to France, really frustating. I know, using the plane is bad for the environment but I do not fly often – six times now. Three years ago four times: 2 times with my aunt from Munich to Frankfurt so that I have been in a plane before I went a few weeks later on the England-Exchange and the last two times in March bc of my internship. Another point because I am jealous is that she can speak English there. I love speaking English more than spesking German although I am better in German. I do not even speak French! And she does not want to go there, she would rather visit Namibia or Bali. But she is really cute and wants to send a lot of postcards and buy us souvenirs. Ok lets see how her vacation turns out to be. There especially in the area near LA are bad forest fires and in the last months one hears a lot about the shot people some even by the police, very scary. (I am still jealous, maybe I will have later enough money to go there. The flight is really expensive 1500 €.)


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