My holidays has been really boring so far. In the first week, I have done nothing but reading and watching TV. After I will finish my book, I will post a book review. 310VmYsAA2L._SL246_SX190_CR0,0,190,246_Oh I was in a public swimming pool with my mother and shopping in the city. I bought so much, I do not have an7107810712_1_1_3y money left. I bought a new mint-colored jeans from ESPRIT (left picture). I also got a beautiful white T-Shirt from Bershka (right picture).
Bershka T-Shirt

A watermelon T-Shirt matching my mint-colored jeans, a red-white blouse from Zara (right picture). Blouse Zara1821221068_6_1_1
Not to forget a new book called The Bone Season.
My sister was the whole time in Austria and the next week too. Its terrible: my mother only pays attention to me. In the beginning it is really nice but later really annoying. The sad thing is when we visited my cousin, the one whos father had birthday a few weeks ago, we watched a horror movie (review is following) and she suddenly said: I have no friends bc she had no new messages. There I realized that I am utterly alone bc NOBODY texted me this week. My former best friend and I wanted to meet in the first week bc she visits her BF in the 2nd and 3rd week, I am in France 4th and 5th week and in the 6th she, her mum and her BF wants to drive to the north sea. We did not even spoke so we did not meet and that was it. I called her before she went to her BF but I think we are not real friends anymore and I think I should suggest that we stop pretending beeing friends. And my other friends had no time but I am almost 100 percent sure this was a lie. Am I such a terrible person?! After I realized this I am still felling so alone like never before. Maybe bc of this I was really happy that my 11 years old cousin came with my mum, my granny and me shopping (just food) but it was fun. I am really alone.
Have nice holidays!

Lonely Becca


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