Pet Semantary (1989)

The movie is based on the same called book by Stephen King (because of this we watched it, no I did not read it but my father has it).
It is about Dr. Louis Creed, who moves with his wife Rachel and his children Gage and Ellie to a house right next to a highway and near to a pet cemetery in Ludlow. When his wife and his children spent their weekend at their grandparents, he has to watch after their cat Church. When Church, the beloved cat of his daughter, gets overruned by a truck. Louis new friend and neighbor Jud Crandall shows him a an old Indian place, where Louis should bury the cat instead of on the pet semantary/cemetery. Louis does what Jud says and the next day Church is alive again although he is a bit more aggressive and bloodthirsty. After Gage got killed by a truck a short time later, Louis buries him at the Indian place too although Jud says he should not do it. Louis does not want to hear what Jud said. So he digs Gage out and buries him there. As soon as Gage returns he kills Jud and his mother, who returned from her parents to look after Louis. When Louis sees what Gage died he poisons him. He thinks that Gage just got crazy because he was already too long dead when he buried him at the Indian place so he takes his dead wife immediately and buries her there. She returns but is she still the same? Ok guys this is almost the whole movie. There is no big excitement. The movie was over really fast but almost nothing happened. The story is okay but the implementing is really bad. The actors are okay, Fred Gwynne is the best. It looks funny when Gage kills someone.
To sum up, the film is a bit boring, but it is a must-see for classic movie fans and if one want to laugh. It was not scary.


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