Especially soccer

Hey guys,
I am still alive, but I have to keep it short because I don’t want to miss much of the 2 games of Group B in the WWC. The bad thing is that the WWC takes place when it’s – Germany shot his 2nd goal right now 🙂 – really late often in the night. Unfortunately I fall asleep very often! At the weekend I even slept ’til 12 pm so that I do not fall asleep but you guessed it I fell asleep. I really really wanted to watch the games of the US girls – I really like the players but my ultimate favorite player is ALEX MORGAN – but I fell asleep, The first time I saw the second half, the second time I saw the repetition of the game the day after it took place. I hope so(lo) much that I am able to stay awake to see the whole third game. I am mad that I was awake until 3 am yesterday but I bet I will fall asleep so much earlier today so I will miss the games of the Group A. But that was enough about football I cannot believe that I wrote an A- in poltics. Last semester I got a D-. I am so happy. Apropos in history – my favorite subject together with German and English. So nervous because of the English exam on wednesday and the Latin exam on friday. This week I have maths tutoring 3 times ’cause my private tutor thinks I need every help I can get. Ok I am really bad in maths right now I have an E+. I need a B- to pass maths this year. I was worried because I was too bad in 5 subjects but I passed already Biology and History. I try to write this week again! Have a nice (soccer) day!BECCA (It’s 4:0 for Germany now!)

P.S. I started watching Starcrossed now. Such a cool TV series! Unfortunately there is just one season!


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