Day 5: 20th March 2015

The last day of my first week. At this day there was a partical solar eclipse. Nora was really excited and brought a strainer with her because we had no special glasses. Unfortunately it was very cloudy so we were not able to see it. This day was really boring. I just had to write to some customers their invoices. Then I planned my trip to London the day after this one for 3 hours. There was so much to visit! Then I had to clean up their shelves. The week went by soo fast. When I arrived at the BB I just changed my shoes and went to the bus station where the bus to London leaves. I was scared that I do not find it tomorrow and would miss the bus. So I went there where it should be but there was no evidence that there  was really the bus station. I was uncertain but did not know where to look else for it so I went to Tescos to change money but the woman who was responsible for it already left. So I just bought something to eat for this day and the day after that. I went early to bed because I had to get up at 6am to get the bus at 7am.