Day 2: Tuesday 17th March 2015

Okay just some things: First I will write what happened on the day like a diary this means I am not writing like I already know what happens the next days… Second if I write something it is my opinion and does not want to hurt people and third sorry for my English sometimes, when I said something in England sometimes I noticed right away that it was wrong, I mean grammatically.

Ok let’s go!

I got up at 7am bc I was going to have breakfast at 7.45am. I got dressed formal, I had to because of my internship, but I a) was scarred that I would make stain on it and I had not got a washing machine so I wore a jacket and b) it feeled strange to be dressed like this there. But nobody wuld have mind because I was alone in the dining room. Maybe because I took the earliest time to have breakfast. Breakfast was great a chose grilled tomato (which did not tasted well), mushrooms, potato waffle, bacon and beaked beans, coffee and white toast. It was very delicious. I got my own pot of coffee and was not sure if I had to drink this all so I drank the whole pot. Breakfast took 30 minutes. I went back to my room to go to the toilett and grab my stuff. Christine picked me up at 8.30am because “work” started at 9am. We arrived there at 8.56am. I had to continue with my research which hotel in the UK have business accounts. Between 10am and 12pm I went to the toilett approx. 10 times because of the coffee! Then I had to rearrange contracts whose layouts moved because of two different programms. The time flew by really fast. After I Christine drove me to the BB I changed my clothes and went to the Town Centre of Stratford to buy some souvenirs for my family and non-excistent friends. But the stores closed already at 5pm and I just finish “work” then so I will never buy some souvenirs there. Fortunately there were a class from France and one souvenir shop opened again! 😉 So I bought some shot glasses for my parents because I bought them some in Venice too. I bought a bracelett for my best friend and one for me, postcards, 2 pens (one for my sister, one for my cousin) and a mirror for a friend. It was 6.15pm now. Now I wanted to go back to the BB because I already bought something for dinner in my break, I bought noodles, grapes, strawberries, carrots, and three fruit salads. This things are in Germany so much cheaper. For example strawberries cost £2 (approx. 2.76€). In Germany they cost 1.5€ (approx. £1.09) or the Coke £1 (approx. 1.38€) cost in Germany 0.85€ (approx. £0.62). I am not sure why I bought so much .stuff which has to be kept in a refrigator so I ate almost everything that day but back to my way home. I was not sure which way so I followed the sign which says Stratford leys, I thought leys means something like hotel… It was of course wrong but I kept going ’til I arived at Tesco’s. There I bought 2 diet coke and muffins. I infered that I had to be parallel to my BB and just had to find a street which linked those two. Because of this I comped all the little streets but they were dead ends so after an hour unsuccesful searching I decided to go the way back I went there. It was dark now and I wanted to get back so I chose another way. Fortunately it was a cutoff. When I arrived at the BB I chose what I wanted to get for breakfast tomorrow. First I thought I had to choose for my whole stay. Then I turned the TV on and watched NCIS, Big Bng Theory and Supernatural. After this I watched The king’s speech. I fell asleep and woke up at 1am. I turned of the TV and went to bed(in which I was already laying because this room was so tiny but cute)

This was the second day of my internship.
And nope I am not finish with cleaning up, I am just really lazy. ;P


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