England – Finally

Hey guys. Finally, I’ve made it, I am in Stratford upon Avon, England now! My flight went at 7:40 am so I had to get up at 5am bc it takes a half hour to get to the airport. I went to bed lately yesterday so I was really tired. Half of the way to the airport I had the feeling that I forgot my passport which I took out of my pocket to check in at home yesterday. And I was right, I forgot it, so we – my parents and I – had to drive back home to search it. When we arrived at home it was half past six. Fortunately we found it fastly and we drove back to the airport. We parked the car and wanted to leave the parking lot by elevator but it did not work so my father had to carry my 21.5 pounds heavy bag one floor down. I had to get to Gate B and my mum already panicked that my bag will not get into the plane anymore. It was 6:55am. We checked in my luggage and hurried to the security check. There we had to say our goodbyes. My parents gave me a little lucky pig. It was 7:07am. At 7:10 am my boarding started. I went through security check and to the toilet bc I drank a cup of coffee in the morning. Moreover I bought a magazine bc I did not want to get bored at the 1 hour and 15 minutes long flight. Then I had to go to the passport control and was happy that I realized earlier that I have forgotten him otherwise I would have never catched my plane. I was the last one who arrived at the boarding and right after me the boarding was completed. So it was very scarce. I had a seat at the window, the exact same number than the number of the seat at my first flight with my aunt from Munich to Frankfurt. This was my purpose as I chose it yesterday. The flight was over fast – unfortunately – and the guy from the company where I make my internship picked me up. Ok it took a while ’til we found each other and I had to phone him in the end. I googled him yesterday and the picture I found is not very flattering for him. In person he looks so much nicer and better and is really, really, really nice. Fortunately my mum made me bring some Thank-you-gifts for the people here with me too. We first went to drink a coffee and then had to hurry bc he had to be in time for his video conference. At the beginning it looked like me not 21.5 pounds but exactly 23 pounds heavy bag does not get into his little showoff BMW but it got in. We drove really fast to the company. There I got welcomed by three really nice ladies and got my own computer. Hannah, who should look after me, showed me around and got my my visting card. With this I was able to go through the building to go e.g. to the toilet. After that I got a task right away. I had to create contacts by tipping name, company, telephone and E-Mail from 28 papers into the computer. Then it was time for lunch and Hannah showed me the little town. We talked a little bit about what we like to do in our free time and I noticed that I am really bad at speaking English. Back in the company I got a new task: to update the old contacts. I was finish at “work” at 5pm. One of the nice three ladies – Christine – drove me to the bed and breakfast where I will stay ’til next friday. The owner showed me my room and fortunately brought my bag up to the 2nd floor. It was 6pm. Because it also rained I was not in the mood to go to the next supermarket 20 minutes away so I stayed in my room and unpacked my luggage and ate only an apple for dinner. Moreover I had to fill out the documents about my stay and what I want for breakfast the next few days. After that I skyped with my sister and my parents. Lets see how my stay will be, I am really excited and what I will dream in my first night, bc what you dreams then it gets true (said my mum).
Love you all and a pleasant night Becca

The picture above is my room in the bed and breakfast in Stratford.


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