While you were sleeping (1995)

The movie While you were sleeping is a typical romance but in a good way.
It is about Lucy, who works as a ticket seller at a train station in Chicago. Every weekday she sees her crush Peter, who does not notice her. At christmas Peter gets attached and bumbed onto the rails. She sees the attack and saves him. In the hospital she is not allowed to visit him because she is not a family member. A nurse heard her saying she wanted to marry him and thinks she is the fiance of him. Because of this she is allowed to visit him. Shortly after this Peter’s family arrives and gets told that Lucy is Peter’s fiancee.
She is too shocked to tell the truth and after becoming part of Peter’s family after being alone and hearing that his grandmother Elsie has heart problems. Peter cannot tell the truth, too because he falls into a coma. Only Peter’s godfather Saul knows the truth because he hears Lucy talking with Peter. He says she cannot tell the truth and that he will help her with her problem. Because Lucy is alone at christmas and got an invitation to spend it with the Gallaghers, Peter’s family, she celebrates with them. There she meets Peter’s brother Jack. First he cannot believe that his brother is going to marry such a nice girl but after successfully answering his questions – by knowing the answers accidentally – Jack believes her and they become friends and maybe a little bit more than that…

The movie is a really stereotyped romance. I really enjoyed watching it. Sandra Bullock (Lucy) is a big reason why this film is really great. When Jack aka Bill Pullman appeared I first thought he is Robin Williams. It is really great to see how Sandra and Bill act together. In my opinion this movie is a must watch!


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