The time traveler’s wife (2009)

I am so nervous because of tomorrow so I try to distract me with this blog. Last sunday I watched ”The time traveler’s wife”. I wanted to watch this movie so bad so I bought it last saturday. It is about Henry de Tamble who is a time traveler. He lost his mother at an accident as a child where he is partly responsible for. Since this he never really had friends or relationships.
One day he meets Clare Abshire in the library, where he works. She recognizes him immediatly although he sure they have never meet before. Clare convinces him that they meet by telling him that she knows he is a time traveler. Furthermore she tells him she loves him. Henry will visit her in the past, when she is still a child and she will fall in love with her. They become a couple. Clare’s friends are leery and one of them, Gomez, catches the future Henry and sees him vanishing. He tells Clare about it but of course she knows it already. Of course there are more problems caused by Henry’s time travelling like Henry’s abscent at his wedding…

Although the movie is a romantic drama, its more about Henry’s time travelling than about the love story between Henry and Clare. Another thing that I does  not like about the movie is that there is no building up of the relationship, suddenly there together even though one sees Henry travelling back in time to Clare’s childhood. Clare often says that he visited her but one only sees him travelling back 3 – 4 times. There some unlogical things like Henry cannot travel with clothes but returns with clothes???! Some things seem really unrealistic but it is at the very rarely scenes really romantic. I think the end is really surprising although one can foresee it from the half of the movie.
Eric Bana (Henry) and Rachel McAdams (Clare) have a great chemistry together but are unchallenged with their roles so it sometimes seems like the plot bores them, too.

All in all it is a cute movie and good for a lonely, rainy sunday afternoon.


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