Results of the test

While I was scrolling  and skimming through my old posts I noticed that I have not posted the results of the test with the intention to find out which job fits for me.

1. Interpreter 89.92%
2. Linguist 89.26%
3.Translator 88.73%4. Multilingual secretary 85.17%
5. Germanistin 85.57%
6. Cook 70.3%
7. Dietitian 67.87%

Except 6. & 7. they are all about language. That’s great because I really want to do something about language later!

So now my performance specification:
I have a little bit more general knowledge than the average of the other participants.
I can concentrate me better than the average.
My math knowledge is a little bit outstanding (I don’t know how I managed to get this result. I am really really REALLY bad at math.)My spelling is a little bit better than the spelling of the others. (This sentence sounds wrong).
The visual thinking of mine is a little bit better than the average’s ones.

If this results would all be correct I really would be outstanding. I cannot understand why I am so bad at school! 😉


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