I am – again – really sorry that I was inactive that long but I was pretty busy with school although I didn’t get good grades especially in math. That exam i failed unfortunately. But the next two weeks I will have a working experience and after that two weeks of holidays. I am really excited because I will not do my working experience in Germany but in England. I will stay there utterly alone bc I don’t know anyone there! But I am confident that I will make it. I am really happy to leave my home bc my parents and I have at least two arguments a day. This is really exhausting! I would like to write more but my friend waits for my bc we want to do sports together. So if I have time to write I will post something but I am not sure. I have to check in for my flight tomorrow and have to pack. Cu later guys! 😉

P.S. I want to introduce a new category: Movie Review. I will try to post every weekend a review. Often it will be about romantic movies. The movies can be old movies or some really new which are in the cinemas right now. I try to post one today, maybe even two.


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