Like a diary

I noticed that I use this blog like a kind of diary. But I think this is useful. I always liked to write diary but often I am too lazy to do it. Mostly I write while I am on vacation or while special events – which does not happen often, my life is really boring, it seems like I wrote this the day before yesterday already. Ok probabably you are all interested if my group had done their work for PE, and yes, I have to admit, they have done it but I was able to convince them to give up the one I made. Presumably you have realized I am not good (I do not like it either) at group work. In English we have to search for a enviromental group or project which we are interested in. Then we have to build groups with 4 people and pick one of our topics. After we picked one we have to create a poster with the information and present it to class. Any suggestions for a topic? Oh I would like to post my comment about the topic ‘Is global warming a myth?’ later, it was my homework for English yesterday. I remember it at 11pm and worked on it for 2 hours and today we only exchanged it with our partner!
I have an argument with my parents about my eating routine. They make fun of me one second and the other there are mad of me. I saw today ‘Chasing life’ with Italia Ricci. Their family was really understanding although they first thought she is drug addicted and said something like ‘We love you anyway and support you’. Why cannot my family be like this? Ok I am happy that I have not leukamia like April (yet) but I have other problems. My mother said to me I am looking too grumpy. Yeah and she always tells me I have no friends. Then I answer I know, it is probably my fault and she says yes, I should change. My father tells me ‘You can’t be all there!‘ and that I have bad character! Thanks I only hear ‘good’ thinks about me. Oh there is this crazy thing with the one from my group for PE. His name is Daniel. Daniel says me after we gave my work for PE up that I am the best. OMG my first compliment for centuries! When we went to the train station together he said me I am really boring and at the train station he said I am really beautiful when my hair is tied up but I am always beautiful. OMG this was soooo nice! Usually he says bad things about me I am boring, crazy, etc. Ok the good thing is he says it to me right into the face! The girls in my class only thing about me like this, unfortunately and I do not know what to do against it. I try to smile at everyone now but I do not think this helps. Ok I am really tired and I have 2 hours sports tomorrow. CU


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