Is global warming a myth?

Because global warming gets more and more popular in the news I will consider the question if global warming is a myth or not.

To begin with a pro argument the global warming is used to justify decisions in the politics (often). They assign scientists to examine if global warming is happening or not. The results are what the politics need for their argumentation.
The second point is that the scenarios are guessed because predictions can be wrong. Nobody is able to say what the world will be like in 100 years! Some think that the world is not getting warmer but colder and that in Europe are going to be cold winters like the ones in the antartica soon. So the scientists are not sure whether it is going to be warmer, colder or maybe nothing is going to happen.
The third point is that the greenhouse effect, which is one of the largest contributers of global warming, excists since long before humans. It is a natural phenomen, which is important for life because without it it would be -18C cold on earth, too cold for the life as we know it now.

On the other hand many say they do not believe scientists are able to create reliable predictions, I think they are able to do it because they are creating a lots of predictions on the basis of the weather nowadays. There are 10 points / signs for global warming, which are true like the melting of the north and south pole.
Next the theorie that global warming is a myth was created because of a diagram, which shows the change of the climate from the middle ages until now. It states that there were no variations in the temperatures until the 19th century when the Industrial Revolution started. Since then the temperatures raised fast and got dramatically high according to the study. But that is not true. There were always variations in the temperatures although there were as twice as much heat- than cold-records in the last ten years. The last point is that there is always a time period where the earth colds down although it is said it is warming. In the middle ages there were a time period which is called the little Ice Age although there were no signs for an Ice Age and apart from that the temperatures were not unnormally low.

So I believe the global warming is no myth because not only of the statements and predictions of the scientists but also because of the signs we can already see now. So we should try to stop the global warming by producing less carbon dioxide, which is a great benefitter, by using the car a little less and walk instead or use public transport for example.

Please notice that – like always – I am not a A-grader in English although I hope evrything is right. This is my opinion. Good night and what do you think about this topic?


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