Sunday evenings

Good evening, or for all my readers (Yeah I checked it out, all my readers are from the US – but that’s great, I really want to visit the US some day, I was close to visit Chicago this year but unfortunately the flight was too expensive :`-( ) good (after)noon!!!
Like I said yesterday I was really lazy yesterday so I had to do everything today. Ok but first I had a fight with my father today morning. My sister is at a class trip ’til next friday and my mother was working so I was alone with my father. We cleaned up the dishing machine and I wanted to put the glasses in the cupboard. One was already in and I wanted to put the other into it – like always, to save space – but it was not completly in the cupboard so it fell out when I wanted to put the other onto it. I wanted to catch at least one but I forgot that I had still one glass in my hand left so one of the falling glasses fell on the glass in my hand and both broke into pieces and the third one fell on the ground and – exactly – broke into pieces, so I destroyed three glasses at once! My father was really upset and wanted me to go away, that is why I went into the woods. Yeah, I know the woods are often the location where horror movies take place, by the way I do not like horror movies, once I tried to watch Halloween at Halloween alone (I think it was 2013) I stopped after the first 5 minutes. I do not know why anymore but I think it was because I was scared that I could not sleep anymore after I finished the movie.The last two years, especially this year – I know this year only has 2 months – I watched a lot of horror movies not because I really want to more because many of my age say they like horror movies and I do not want to be an outsider so I watch it. And to be honest some are not scary but funny). So in the woods first I was not scared but then it sounds one animal kills another and I paniced and ran out of the woods and bak home. This was after one and a half hour. I wanted to go back anyway because it started to get cold. Back home I did not was in the mood to make homework so I backed a cake (chocolate and nuts). It took me 2 hours and then I had to start with my homework. I began with PE. Although it is a group work I made everything. Even though we split it up I do not think my group members – 2 boys who think they are the kings but nobody likes them – will not have done anything and we have to submit it tomorrow and I do not want to get bad grades so I made everything. Ok it only took 4 hours. Then I printed out 5 pages about the Goeze-disput. Now I only have to do the general homework for mathematics and German OMG and history! I totally forgot. Whereever! I want to watch the German crime series ‘Tatort’ now so buy guys.

Oh and my mother pinched the head of Frau Schröder in the terrace door. I have to look after her now. Hopefully she is not hurt!

CU and a nice day and night! Becca


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