Hi Guys,

I am so sorry that it is almost a month ago, that I wrote the last time. I thought – even because I already started this blog – I would write more often. When I start something like a Twitter Account I am really excited and almost addicted to it for at least a week and then I am not in the mood to continue it anymore more often than not. I hope this will be different with this blog! I never thought that it would be so hard to handle school and free time. I rarely have free time! Since I transferred to a new school last summer I nearly do stuff for school. I have to do a presentation in PE about Newton and the Law of Inertia and in German I have to do a presentation about Lessing and his Goeze-Disput, also known as fragments dispute. AHHHHHHHHHH! I am so tired of everything (I am also very sleepy, also I was able to sleep ’til 8am yesterday because the first 2 lessons Latin dropped out. (Luckily) The train had a delay about 20 minutes so I missed my following train and went home because it would not have been worth to take the next train, which had been driven an hour later because I only had one lesson ( a lesson lasts 45 minutes) and when I would have arrived at school the lesson would have been over. Fridays I have only 4 lessons every two weeks. Yesterday the chemistry lesson dropped out, too. I did not think I missed much. Unfortunately I had vocational aptitude test in Wiesbaden. I do not have the slightest idea what I should/could do after school. I always wanted to be a pediatrician but a) I am too dumb and b) I do not like working with children – I made an internship in a kindergarten, it was horrible – and c) I participated in a first aid training, I was not bad but it was no fun and I think it is very disgusting sometimes. I appreciate people who like working as a doctor and it is necessary but it is no option for me. So I went there, the girls from my class, who took part in the test, too, were already there. The test lasted 4 hours. I thought there would be only questions about me and my personality but there questions about maths, PE, German, general knowledge and me and where I could imagine to work later. OMG, it was so stressful. The test was designed that we were not able to answer all questions so they were also able to see how we can handle stress. There were tasks like ‘Find the number which does not belong in the line : 8 … 98 … 16 … 49 … 32 …29 … 64 ( ok this is an easy one). We get the results in 2 – 4 weeks. Such a long time and then I find out I should work as a cleaning lady. The test costed 20 €! Ok no complaining ’til I have it. What did you do this weekend or are you going to do? I hope this is reading someone (probably not even if I had not a break which lasted approx. 4 weeks my life is not interesting) if not this is really crazy like communing with myself. I think I get insane. I do not know why but the word insane reminds me of TVD. I love(d) TVD! I mean ’til Season 4 it was good but Season 5 was really crazy I mean the most of the plot does not even make sense! Ok to be honest I only watched half of it and Season 6 fucks me of! SPOILER ALERT I mean Steroline should be friends not lovers and ok, it is cool that Alaric and so on is back but that is so unnecessary. The producers ran out of ideas. And Elena is as annoying as always, she will never grow up! Everybody has only to look out for her! With all one’s heart it was needless to let die Stefan first and then Bonnie and Damon in Season 5! Is the goal of the show that every character died at least once? In every season there are many new characters which all die after a short time. Also the characters do not develop. How long will this go on? It is boring now. So I decided to stop watching it. The only reason I watched it ’til now was Caroline Forbes. She is really great. I would love to be a little bit more like her. Ok I also still hope that Klaroline happens. They are sooooo cute! I do not understand how they could replace Klaus by Enzo. I mean it is obvious that they did it because they are both evil, good-looking and only nice to Caroline. Maybe if Enzo would have been there first I would have shipped Carenzo but KLAROLINE FOREVER!!!
The last one at Prime Time Television!!!

Ok I talked to much about TVD, back to live. Today I did nothing except eating, showering and reading fanfics about Jelsa but I did not find a good one yet. Today was a lazy day, tomorrow I have to do homework and the presentations. :-((((( I do not want to!

CU Becca

P.S. The result from the task is the number 29 does not fit in, it should be replaced by 24,5.



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