About me (Part 3) or About Fr.Schröder

Ok, I don’t know how I could forget that today is the public holiday of the three holy kings so TODAY IS NO SCHOOL but not in whole Germany. Some still have one week of holiday left like Hesse. So my parents left the house at 7am, my sister’s still not home yet and I am alone. My grandmother is alone, too. My uncle’s family is skiing in Sölden. Only Frau Schröder is here, too. You probably wonder who Frau Schröder is. Frau Schröder is my 1 and a half years old cat. I had already three rabbits. My first one – Karotti ( belittlement of carrot, because rabbits eat carrots, Ok, I was 10 years old!) escaped at the first day he was here and got hurt at this process. Unfortunately he died the same day. :`( Because I was really sad and the rabbits of my cousin and my sister (their names were much sillier than Karotti – Plubbi and Hoppeli (the name of my sister’s rabbit because rabbits hoppeln so hop, ok we are crazy). So my aunt bought me a new rabbit, who I named Krümel [crumb]. He died like the other two a year later at a mysterious disease, frst Hoppeli, one day later Krümel and the day after that Plubbi. Then we made a break and adopted in summer 2012 two little rabbits whose announcement we saw in the newspaper. We got them for free because their owners were allergic to them. Lucky for us! My sister got the corpulent female rabbit named Goldie with the gold-yellow fur and I got the skinny brown-white rabbit Flöhchen [belittlement of flea]. Unfortunately he died in summer 2013 because of digestive problems. I never wanted a rabbit again because I think that in my care – I don’t know why – they die much before their time (unfortunately). So I thought why not try a new species so I started to look for cats. A dog would have been good too but my mother does not like animals and she thinks that she would have been the only one who cares about the dog. I wanted a little white maltese but no chance. So I watched for cats for weeks. It all started as I saw an advertisment for a cat in an animal shelter. I called it but they had no idea what I was talking about, Every time I found an interesting ad the cats already were given away. Fortunately I found the website of the Katzenhilfe. I called it and the woman said there were cats left. So my father and I went their. My mother hoped we would not see a cat we like. I fell in love with a little female cat right away. This was in October 2013. There the cat, whose name was Mila but my mother does not like the name for a cat and I thought I let her pick the name because she accepted that I adopted the cat, so she picked Frau Schröder ( I think it’s a crazy name for a cat but I am happy that she allowed me to keep her), was a half years old. She is from Bulgaria and arrived in Germany only one day earlier with her sister. Her sister already got adopted so she was very scared. My mother first not liked her but now she likes her. Frau Schröder is still skinny although she gets a lot of food. Her voice is really high and she is the only cat in the neighborhood who likes the cat of my grandmother, Timmy. She is really clever and is able to jump really high. We joke she would win a high jump comptition easily. She likes to eat but she is very choosy. Sometimes she does not eat the food she ate a few days before. Although she is very young she sleeps almost the whole day. She goes outside for two hours in the morning and for 3 hours in the evening. The rest of the time she sleeps in the boy where I have my scarfs. She also loves to cuddle with Goldie. At the moment she is lying in my lap and is sleeping.

Ok my mother said I should look for suggestions for our holidays this week. The houses my father picked were not in my idea so now it is my turn to look for it.



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