This is me (Part 1)

A short post with some information about me. To be continued…


‘Cause I am new here, you all not know something about me so:

I have a little sister named Sheera. She is 13 years old.
One of the two brothers of my mum lives with his family – my aunt Anna, their daughter Lena and my grandmother – next to us. This is sometimes really annoying! My cousin is approx. 6 years younger than me but she is like a little sister to me because my mother was her nanny from her birth ’til last september. Now my mother works as a nurse again.

At the moment I am alone at home. My parents are working and my sister is meeting her friends. I am really exhausted because christmas break ends today and I had school again. I like school but since I transferred I have no friends at school anymore. My old school ended at year 9 and I wanted to continue with school. Unfortunately all my friends go to different schools. Because of this we are not able to meet often. Since I am utterly alone I don’t like going to school. I hope this blog distracts me a little bit from my loneliness. One problem of mine is that I am really shy and often don’t know what to talk about with the people. I am afraid to say something in lessons so my oral grade is really, really bad. I also am ashamed of almost everything about me. Normal people would never be ashamed at things I think are embarrassing.
I thought if I get skinnier I would get more confident – I was really fat, I am not anorexic, even my mother, who is not really skinny, said that I am too fat. I lost 17 kg [37lb 8oz] ( I am 1,80m [5″11] tall and my weight is 63kg [138lb 14oz] now) – but that was not true. I liked my body before, too but some kids teased me because of this. I learned that I should be happy with my body not somebody else. It is really hard to lose weight and stay skinny if you like eating like I do.
However there are positive effects too: I do not get teased anymore, I eat healthy (Often), I fit into more clothes and do sports. So I would never say one should not lose weight but you should lose weight because YOU want to lose weight not because others think you should lose weight.
Almost my whole family exept my sister, my cousin Lena and her parents is fat. My cousin Nina – she is two years younger than me – was as fat as I was. After her succesful weight-losing I was encouraged and wanted to be as successfull as she was. And ta-da! I was.

There is so much more about me but I want to have content for more posts so I stop at this point. You can feel free to ask something!


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