My cutie

Frau Schröder sleeping in the bathroom.
Frau Schröder sleeping in the bathroom.

About me (Part 3) or About Fr.Schröder

Short summary of my pets.

Ok, I don’t know how I could forget that today is the public holiday of the three holy kings so TODAY IS NO SCHOOL but not in whole Germany. Some still have one week of holiday left like Hesse. So my parents left the house at 7am, my sister’s still not home yet and I am alone. My grandmother is alone, too. My uncle’s family is skiing in Sölden. Only Frau Schröder is here, too. You probably wonder who Frau Schröder is. Frau Schröder is my 1 and a half years old cat. I had already three rabbits. My first one – Karotti ( belittlement of carrot, because rabbits eat carrots, Ok, I was 10 years old!) escaped at the first day he was here and got hurt at this process. Unfortunately he died the same day. :`( Because I was really sad and the rabbits of my cousin and my sister (their names were much sillier than Karotti – Plubbi and Hoppeli (the name of my sister’s rabbit because rabbits hoppeln so hop, ok we are crazy). So my aunt bought me a new rabbit, who I named Krümel [crumb]. He died like the other two a year later at a mysterious disease, frst Hoppeli, one day later Krümel and the day after that Plubbi. Then we made a break and adopted in summer 2012 two little rabbits whose announcement we saw in the newspaper. We got them for free because their owners were allergic to them. Lucky for us! My sister got the corpulent female rabbit named Goldie with the gold-yellow fur and I got the skinny brown-white rabbit Flöhchen [belittlement of flea]. Unfortunately he died in summer 2013 because of digestive problems. I never wanted a rabbit again because I think that in my care – I don’t know why – they die much before their time (unfortunately). So I thought why not try a new species so I started to look for cats. A dog would have been good too but my mother does not like animals and she thinks that she would have been the only one who cares about the dog. I wanted a little white maltese but no chance. So I watched for cats for weeks. It all started as I saw an advertisment for a cat in an animal shelter. I called it but they had no idea what I was talking about, Every time I found an interesting ad the cats already were given away. Fortunately I found the website of the Katzenhilfe. I called it and the woman said there were cats left. So my father and I went their. My mother hoped we would not see a cat we like. I fell in love with a little female cat right away. This was in October 2013. There the cat, whose name was Mila but my mother does not like the name for a cat and I thought I let her pick the name because she accepted that I adopted the cat, so she picked Frau Schröder ( I think it’s a crazy name for a cat but I am happy that she allowed me to keep her), was a half years old. She is from Bulgaria and arrived in Germany only one day earlier with her sister. Her sister already got adopted so she was very scared. My mother first not liked her but now she likes her. Frau Schröder is still skinny although she gets a lot of food. Her voice is really high and she is the only cat in the neighborhood who likes the cat of my grandmother, Timmy. She is really clever and is able to jump really high. We joke she would win a high jump comptition easily. She likes to eat but she is very choosy. Sometimes she does not eat the food she ate a few days before. Although she is very young she sleeps almost the whole day. She goes outside for two hours in the morning and for 3 hours in the evening. The rest of the time she sleeps in the boy where I have my scarfs. She also loves to cuddle with Goldie. At the moment she is lying in my lap and is sleeping.

Ok my mother said I should look for suggestions for our holidays this week. The houses my father picked were not in my idea so now it is my turn to look for it.


This is me (part2)

Short review of the storm last year.

So, it’s 9pm now. Tomorrow is school again. My parents are back and doing stuff in the house. I am sitting (alone) in the living room. Yes I have an own room but there I feel really alone, because I don’t see anyone nor hear anyone. Here I am in the center of life. Fortunately we have a house not a flat. The ground where my parents let it build 11 years ago belonged to my grandmother. She gave it to us. The house has a basement, a ground and first floor and a little attic to whom you only get with a ladder. The attic is so tiny nobody is able to stand upright. We store cardboard boxes there. Last Juli we needed some of them unfortunately. Our basement got flooded because of too much rain and stones which deposited and blocked the street and rerouted the water (we live on a hillside) from above to our front yard. It got so much water that the basement windows broke and the whole water got in our basement. Everything was destroyed. There were e.g. a washing machine, a dryer, two computers, a refrigator, a wardrobe with special clothes like the wedding dress of my mother or my dress from my confirmation two years ago. We stored there many pictures too. Thank god it was not winter because our rabbit Goldie lives there in winter, it’s too cold for her outside then. She would have been drowned. So no human or animal got harmed. This reminds me at the moment when I took pictures of this accident and a frog jumped at me. I was really shocked and it was really disgusting so I shouted really loud. It was really yukky. We had to rip out the floor and the wallpaper. It was really much work because before we were able to start with this we had to pump the water out of the basement and clear it up. This two things took one whole week and without our nice neighbors it would have taken much longer. Fortunately I was allowed to stay at home and help my parents. It was really exhausting. We bought a car shortly before the incident so we hadn’t got much money for renovating the basement. Our basement is still not finished. But that is not as bad as it sounds. Normality returned already. We only hope this will never happen again!

Ok back to my topic. I feel very alone in my room because it is in the first floor like the bedroom of my parents and the one of my sister. My father is in the basement. There he works at his computer in his office, probably organising the vacations for summer next, no this year. How is it already 2015?! My mother makes lunch for all of us for tomorrow in the kitchen in the ground floor and my sister spends the night with her friends and not to forget Frau Schröder, who is outside and draws around the houses with Timmy. Hope you all have a good night. It is nearly 10pm so I stop now.


This is me (Part 1)

A short post with some information about me. To be continued…

‘Cause I am new here, you all not know something about me so:

I have a little sister named Sheera. She is 13 years old.
One of the two brothers of my mum lives with his family – my aunt Anna, their daughter Lena and my grandmother – next to us. This is sometimes really annoying! My cousin is approx. 6 years younger than me but she is like a little sister to me because my mother was her nanny from her birth ’til last september. Now my mother works as a nurse again.

At the moment I am alone at home. My parents are working and my sister is meeting her friends. I am really exhausted because christmas break ends today and I had school again. I like school but since I transferred I have no friends at school anymore. My old school ended at year 9 and I wanted to continue with school. Unfortunately all my friends go to different schools. Because of this we are not able to meet often. Since I am utterly alone I don’t like going to school. I hope this blog distracts me a little bit from my loneliness. One problem of mine is that I am really shy and often don’t know what to talk about with the people. I am afraid to say something in lessons so my oral grade is really, really bad. I also am ashamed of almost everything about me. Normal people would never be ashamed at things I think are embarrassing.
I thought if I get skinnier I would get more confident – I was really fat, I am not anorexic, even my mother, who is not really skinny, said that I am too fat. I lost 17 kg [37lb 8oz] ( I am 1,80m [5″11] tall and my weight is 63kg [138lb 14oz] now) – but that was not true. I liked my body before, too but some kids teased me because of this. I learned that I should be happy with my body not somebody else. It is really hard to lose weight and stay skinny if you like eating like I do.
However there are positive effects too: I do not get teased anymore, I eat healthy (Often), I fit into more clothes and do sports. So I would never say one should not lose weight but you should lose weight because YOU want to lose weight not because others think you should lose weight.
Almost my whole family exept my sister, my cousin Lena and her parents is fat. My cousin Nina – she is two years younger than me – was as fat as I was. After her succesful weight-losing I was encouraged and wanted to be as successfull as she was. And ta-da! I was.

There is so much more about me but I want to have content for more posts so I stop at this point. You can feel free to ask something!



A little intoduction to my blog. 😉

Hi guys!
My name is Rebecca, but I prefer Becca. I am 16 and a half years old. Like you see in the Contact I live in Germany near the Königssee. Maybe you have already heard about it because we have a big bob track. Last weekend there was a competition which of course the Germans won. ;-D

In the christmas break I got the idea to write a blog. I hope you all enjoy my blog and I really appreciate it when you comment, like and share.

I use this a little bit like a diary. But don’t worry it’s not only about me. I also will post tips, DIYs and so on.

I hope you all like my blog and follow it because – like the title says – it’s about my – often boring but sometimes really interesting – life. It would be cool if you all stay tuned. CU :-*